Personal Training … and Hope?

So I had my first ever Personal Training (PT) session the other day. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while since I’ve been going to the gym and attending classes regularly. I feel pretty lost on the gym floor with probably at least 50% of the equipment completely foreign to me. I feel silly going up and reading the instructions on how to use it (insecure much?) and definitely intimidated in certain sections (body building/weights anyone?). So I thought seeing a PT might be a way to get to know my way around the gym floor without feeling too inadequate.

My first session was good and informative. My PT was professional, very knowledgeable, and I can see how she would “get results” if you were to see her regularly. My plan was to have the initial session and then get her to write a program for me to do at the gym on my own (because paying for PT sessions isn’t really in the budget right now).

One thing I was left with though was a feeling of guilt and pressure I haven’t been able to shake. I’ve been feeling guilty about the food I eat (or think about), I’ve been feeling really inadequate, insecure, and ashamed. It’s crazy really because I actually went into the session feeling pretty good about myself, happy with where I was at and the work I was putting in at the gym, my food choices, and all that.

This is the Fitness Industry, it’s all based on guilt and “being a better version of you”. This works for a lot of people, at least temporarily, which is why the industry is so huge. The focus is on getting a “bikini body” or entering body building competitions. It’s about being able to fit into a certain size of clothes or seeing a certain number on a scale.


In the USA there’s an Organization called Revelation Wellness that basically turns the fitness industry on its head. Their motto is LOVE GOD – GET HEALTHY – BE WHOLE – LOVE OTHERS. The founder of Revelation Wellness is Alisa Keeton, who was part of the traditional fitness industry before hearing (and listening, and acting) from God. She says  “I believe we are spiritual beings with physical bodies. To train the body without the Spirit is to treat just the symptom and not the cause. I believe in the possibility of being healthy and whole, which comes from training the whole person – mind, body, soul, and spirit – with a social consciousness regarding the gift of good health. When we individually experience wholeness, we are more open and able to serve others well. In our physical and spiritual fitness, we are better equipped to live out the two greatest commandments that Jesus gave us; to love God with all heart, soul, mind and strength and to love others as ourselves.” (Mark 12:28-32)

This is something I want to be a part of. This is hope rather then guilt, it’s freedom rather then bondage, it’s grace rather then punishment.

I said in my last post that I like exercise, I like group fitness, I like how I feel mentally/physically/spiritually when I’m exercising regularly. I did not like how I felt after my session with the PT – even though it was useful and informative. I think that Alisa and the Rev Well team, have something to offer the world that is different and life giving. So I think that God is leading me to be a part of it.


Watch this space and if you’re keen, pray with me about my next steps.

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4 thoughts on “Personal Training … and Hope?

  1. This sounds great. Is there a link that you can post? I’d like to read more about it. I hear what you are saying – I’ve been walking my butt off for 2 months. Feeling good, but not losing any weight, it can be frustrating. As women, I think we are too hard on ourselves. I like your sentence, “This is hope rather than guilt, it’s freedom rather than bondage, it’s grace rather than punishment.”

    • Hey mom the first photo is a link to their website so you cab click on it. Or you could just Google search Revelation Wellness. Thanks for your comment though. We are too hard on ourselves and too quick to believe society/media expectations of beauty even though we know they’re fake.

  2. I definitely know how you feel. Constantly having to remind myself that God loves me as I am. I know leading a heathy life is good that is what I should be concerned about, not if I have a flat stomach and non-jiggly arms. I also believe the closer we are to God and the better we work to being His and acting in His word, the more the enemy tries to bring us down and arrack us.

  3. This sounds very interesting …. possibilities for a small group with other women to minister wellness in all areas of our lives, because we all are carrying some baggage (whether physical, spiritual or emotional) that would be good to let go of and let healing begin. Keep us posted 🙂 xo

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