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It’s true that I probably spend more time online then I should. I’m much more productive in my life if I switch off my devices and tune in to real life. However, as a Stay-At-Home-Mum, life can get a little…mundane. I can think up creative things to do with my girls, crafts, lego, imaginative play. I can read an unlimited amount of stories until my throat is dry and all I want to do is fall asleep. I can make endless meals and snacks (the snacks are usually consumed more readily, popcorn anyone?). I can go to parks and play outside. Sometimes (maybe too often) though I just check out. I think it’s a form of survival really, from the boredom.

Don’t get me wrong I love my girls and would die for them. I want their lives to be enriching and interesting, I want them to love life, themselves, and God. I want so many things for them but I think you’d be lying if you said (as a SAHM) you weren’t bored from time to time or that you never wanted to escape your current reality. I am thankful that I’m not cleaning poopy diapers any more (though still wiping bums…does this ever end?).

So I read blogs and listen to podcasts to escape, to get a glimpse into someone else’s reality, to be inspired by the amazing work that people spend their lives doing. I hope that someday I will inspire others to be a better version of themselves, to serve others, to make the world a more beautiful place as Miss Rumphius would say.

Here are some of my favourites that I’ve read recently.

Revelation Wellness has been inspiring me lately I love what they do and their mission. You should follow them on Instagram and get their emails! I loved this blog post: Should I or Shouldn’t I Work out today?


This blog post by Kelle Hampton, if you’ve never heard of her she’s a mum, one of her daughters has Down Syndrome, and she’s a champion. Just read it.

Inspired to Action is a must listen to Podcast for me. I recently listened to this podcast and was inspired to be more intentional with my girls. I’ve started Sense of the Resurrection with the girls to prepare for Easter.

My friend Melinda posted Making Ethical Fashion Choices, on FB recently. It’s written from a Christian perspective but I think it applies to EVERYONE living in first world nations. We are too quick to grab a deal, to buy junk from dollar stores without pausing to think of the actual cost, the human cost of the deal we scored. This issue doesn’t only have to do with fashion but with pretty much every industry. If you want to make better chocolate choices this Easter then check out Traffik Free Easter,Β their website has a wealth of information (not just on purchasing chocolate).

When it comes to human trafficking I feel sick. It’s easy to ignore global issues that don’t personally affect us but some of my friends back in Canada have recently become passionate about spreading awareness of this problem and trying to affect change. A21 campaign is actually freeing people who have been trafficked yesterday and prosecuting people who do it. This is something that I’ve seen first hand. I was in Northern Thailand with YWAM in 2003 and we were working in a village building some infrastructure and helping in various ways. I noticed that there were NO girls between the ages of 4 and …? old women. They were all sold to the bigger cities with the hope that they would be going to a real job so they could send back money to their families. In reality they were working in brothels and it made me weep, it still does. It’s easy to feel hopeless when sex and slavery is such a huge industry but I believe if one person is freed then it’s worth it.

The team

The team in Thailand

To end on a hopeful note,Β MercyShips is an amazing organization which provides medical care for the least of these. This video is one that I shared on Facebook but it worth sharing on here. It’s moving and full of hope. Women’s Health Program.

I almost forgot, you should check out this art. If you have Instagram you should follow Gracelaced. It’s beautiful and inspiring.


So what makes you feel alive? What escape do you have from the mundane? What do you do to make your life not solely about yourself and satisfying your desires? Whether you’re a SAHM or not, I think there’s something in all of us that realises life isn’t just about us and we can’t just turn a blind eye to some of the major issues in our world. We are raising global citizens after all, what will their world view be?

Oh and if you’re wondering, I like reading the “hold in your hand” type of books too, but my children are neglected and household chores are forgotten when I get into a plot. So I try to “limit my intake” at this point in my life.

I’m looking forward to your comments.

8 thoughts on “Inspiration for the week

  1. Beautiful post Kathryn! It’s all perspective I suppose. As a one time SAHM who has spent the past 4 years praying to go back to being a SAHM I stand on the opposite side of the fence πŸ™‚ I love what I do and I know it is valuable. I have lamented the missed moments; when did Declan start using full sentences? When did he master skipping? When did he learn to count to 10,000 in French? and a million other little things. Sometimes I am so grateful that I get to come into the office and leave Daddy in charge too though (usually when the day starts out with whining lol). Knowing that I am now heading back to being a SAHM (at least most likely) I wonder how I’ll handle it all? Maybe I should volunteer? Maybe I can stay on here part time? I think it is so easy to lose yourself in being a Mommy that we forget to carve much out for ourselves and I don’t just mean the gym. I mean things that really make us feel alive and passionate.

    I’ve been working as a social justice advocate now for 3 years. I spend my days doing research, writing letters and articles and attending meetings with decision makers in an effort to influence them. My particular passion is Poverty Reduction. We think of poverty and imagine a far off place, but poverty lives here too. It may be a different kind of poverty, but poverty none-the-less and we shouldn’t turn our eyes from it just because we think its worse somewhere else. The reality is that there are children who don’t have a safe place to sleep tonight. There are working families who can’t make rent and put food on the table at the same time. Income inequality in Alberta is the highest in Canada. The top 1% make 90x what the bottom 1% makes. That’s ridiculous. Why do we have executives bankrolling 8 Million a year in income and servers make 8.20 an hour? Poverty in Alberta costs between $7-9 Billion PER YEAR. Just to maintain broken social programs that don’t do anything to really help people. IT would cost $4 Billion to completely eradicate poverty. But then our government doesn’t see the wisdom in progressive taxation, fair corporate taxes or the need for nurses in nursing homes so….

    You can see I have my work cut out for me. Me and people far more intelligent and educated than me. I have lots of allies. I hope I can stay involved one way or another once I leave my current post.

    Learning is another thing I get excited about. (Excuse me while I get my pocket protector). I always wanted more education. My time in university was too brief for me. I have planned and researched and dreamed for years about going back. The problem is there are so many things I want to learn about and I don’t know how to choose. I am hoping that a return to the SAHM life with a kindergartener will add up to some time for classes. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    As I get a bit older (not much mind you), I am starting to want to travel. Maybe I’m just a late bloomer. I had no desire to travel in my 20’s. None. I think the uncertainty of my childhood left me looking for safety and security in my late teens and early 20’s. Now that I feel more stable and secure – at least in my relationships – and have a better idea of who I am and who I want to be, I think more about travel. The list of places I want to go is growing steadily and should keep us busy for the next decade or so ha! Europe (in particular France, Germany the UK and Ireland), New Zealand, Australia (if I can get past all the things that can kill me anyway) top the list of places I want to see and experiences I want Declan to have.

    • First of all I’m impressed that Declan can count to 10,000 in French! I’m glad that Alberta has you, you are so good at what you do and I know that you ever completely give it up, you wont be able to because it’s in your heart. Thanks so much for sharing. The world is a better place because of you Kim, you are an amazingly strong woman! I hope that you will one day venture to our part of the world, I’ll keep you safe πŸ˜‰

  2. For me, my perfect escape is traveling. I just can’t live without it. When I don’t travel for few months, I get a travel bug! I have to say that I often was feeling judged because I was traveling and my daughter was staying with my parents, but now I know that it’s good for her too. If I am unhappy, how can she be happy? By the way, great post!

    • Travelling is fantastic and I’m looking forward to a few years time when my girls are a bit older and a bit more independent for our travel adventures to start!

  3. Thanks, Kathryn, for such an inspiring post and for introducing us to so many other amazing sites….I especially appreciated the links as I am not one to spend much time browsing on the web so would never have heard of most of these great organizations/blogs/etc. i was challenged and intrigued by all of them. This really helped change my perspective on this pastime which obviously can also be so meaningful πŸ™‚ Keep sharing πŸ™‚ xo

    • It’s tricky balance of using the internet in a meaningful way or as a waste of time….I think I’m getting better at the former but I have to check myself πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comment.

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