Creationism and the Grand Conjectural Canyon

I sympathise with the desire to unite scripture and scientific inquiry, but I have to admit that I agree completely with the author of this post. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Young Earth Creationists have reached the point where they are disingenuously casting doubt on things that are plain to see and straightforward to interpret, given what we know in modern times.

There is a big difference between healthy scepticism and the kind of misleading/distracting techniques employed by so-called creation scientists. I believe the Earth is very old because of the vast amount of evidence I’ve observed firsthand in the rocks, not because of ideological bias or philosophical reasons. In fact, I would prefer the earth to be young, for the simplicity of harmonising it with scripture, but if that is the case then there is an extraordinary amount of misleading data in the rocks!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the article and feel free to share your thoughts.


Age of Rocks

“The writing on the wall”

It was a Friday afternoon like any other. Katrina pulled into the driveway promptly at 4:30 PM upon returning from her weekly exercise class and a much needed shopping run. For Katrina, it was a three-hour sanctuary in which she could recuperate from the constant demands of Molly, her energetic toddler. That role was temporarily assigned to Sarah, a young neighborhood girl with comparable creative energies.

“How was she?” asked Katrina, while struggling to close the door through a web of heavy shopping bags. “Did she cause you any trouble?”

“Not at all,” replied Sarah, “I think she finally fell asleep.”

Carefully nudged against the cracked door, however, Katrina’s motherly peer was immediately stolen by an unfamiliar disarray. “That’s not wallpaper…”, she thought silently to herself. With a slight rush of adrenaline, she nervously flipped on the light to find the new ‘Ivory White’ paint job ruined by chaotic swaths of…

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2 thoughts on “Creationism and the Grand Conjectural Canyon

  1. the young earth creationists often baffle me, not because of the religion involved but because of the confirmation bias involved. The scientists behind these theories completely discard peer reviewed science in favour of feable conjecture to support their theories. This isn’t good science, and people like Ken Ham and the scientists of his meuseum do the scientific community a disservice.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of embarrassing, but what bothers me most is that sometimes I feel like they’re intentionally misleading people for their own sake – that really makes me uncomfortable at best, and angry at times.

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