A day worth celebrating

With thousands of years of humanity behind us, it’s safe to say that every day of the year has been significant at some point in history. The 19th of May is no exception, having been the day on which:

– In 1535, Jacques Cartier set sail for his second of three voyages to North America. That’s almost 500 years ago! He went on to spend a very rough Canadian winter in modern-day Quebec

– In 1743, Jean-Pierre Christin developed the centigrade temperature scale, freeing us forever from that ridiculous things-freeze-at-32-degrees scale our old neighbours in the USA still use (well, the non-scientists anyway)

– John Franklin and his doomed fellows set out to find the coveted northwest passage in 1845…

– Parks Canada, the first national park service in the world, was established in 1911! (Definitely grateful for that)

– Malcolm X (1925) and Jodi Picoult (1966) were born – did you know you share a birthday with them, my love?

Interesting bits of trivia, but obviously none of these events are as significant to me as May 19, 1984. I like parks and temperatures in Celsius perhaps slightly more than the average guy, but Kathryn – you mean everything to me.

I’ve known and loved you for 10 years. That’s a lot of my life, and your love is the best thing I’ve had over all those years. Your love and the vows we made push me onward to pursue and work for the best life I can give you.

I’ll never stop thinking you’re beautiful; it’s easy, because you just are. I’m fiercely proud of you and would defend you from anything and anyone who would try to cut you down or diminish you. I admire and respect you, and I know that in the moments when my resolve crumbles and my hope fades, you’ve got my back, and the strength to pull me back onto my feet.

You’re a great mom and, God willing, we’ve got a long time left to enjoy together. It kills me sometimes to be away like I am right now, but I know I can trust you with our kids and that our reunion is never far away.

Thanks for everything babe: who you are, who you’ve helped me become, and who you are teaching our children to be. Happy Birthday, from the bottom of my heart, and many more to come.


3 thoughts on “A day worth celebrating

  1. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady! Belated Happy 30th Birthday, Kathryn!! You are such a blessing to Tim, and we are forever grateful that he has found such a wonderful soul-mate to share life with! Luv, Doreen & Don xo

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