Our First Family Camping Trip

To celebrate Tim finishing his first geological model (the project he’s been working on for over a year) we decided to go on a little camping trip. It was the first one as a family and as a result it was a bit hectic trying to figure out what we needed.  We forgot a few things but ended up having a wonderful two night stay at Ledge Point Holiday Park. We decided to stay at a proper camp ground, with toilets and showers. I think this type of camping is perfect for families with young kids. We would definitely go back to this camp ground as it was clean, not too far from the city (about a 1.5 hour drive from our house), had a pool, and it wasn’t too far from the beach (and a bakery….yum)!

Next time we’ll definitely stay longer as it’s a bit of a hassle getting all set up for only two nights. The first night was SO windy and as a result so noisy with the tent sides blowing…all night long. The second night we all slept much better (both girls were awake once) and they were so exhausted that going to bed was no trouble at all.

Here are some pics from our little holiday!

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One thought on “Our First Family Camping Trip

  1. Just seeing this post and great photos now….how did I miss this?? This looks like you had so much fun…..makes me long for those days again:) Here’s to many more camping memories for all of you!!! Luv, Mom xoxo

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