Just another run o’ the mill update – August 2013

Hey friends and family,

For some reason Kathryn and I are both having a hard time coming up with material to blog about lately – could be something to do with the fact that the latest Masterchef Australia season is on (getting close to finished), or maybe because we’re in the thick of the field season grind.  Whatever the case, hope you haven’t been missing us 🙂


And if you’re in Canada and are missing us, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re planning our first trip home for next year, in March 2014!  Our little Kate will finally set her feet on – potentially frozen – Canadian soil for the first time, a land completely foreign to her.  Eden will be reunited with her long lost love, whom she speaks of often: snow!  We’ll be in the East for pretty much all of March, likely splitting our time evenly-ish between NS and NB, but we’ll work out the details when the time gets closer.  At the end of it, roughly the 3rd to 7th of April, we’ll be hanging out in Vancouver for a bit of family leisure.  If you happen to hear of any great deals for flights from Vancouver to Halifax/Fredericton/Moncton during that time period please let us know, since we’ve only booked as far as Vancouver.  If you know of anyone who’s dying to lend out a car for that period of time feel free to let us know too, otherwise we’ll be renting one for the entire month.

For the geologists: granitic outcrop with cross-cutting felsic intrusion near Serpentine Falls, WA - grumpy baby for scale.

For the geologists: granitic outcrop with cross-cutting felsic intrusion near Serpentine Falls, WA – grumpy baby for scale.

So what’s new?  Workwise, nothing.  I haven’t got any nice pictures of it because I’m pretty much at the computer all the time, pressure’s on to get my model done by the end of next month.  The Pilbara looks much the same as it has for the last… many… years, give or take a few drill pads.  It’s still beautiful, especially at this time of year.  Perth is a little bit wet lately, but we get by easily without owning an electric clothes dryer, and the temperatures are so pleasant during the days.  A couple of weeks ago I experienced that nostalgic “Ah, winter is coming” feeling one morning as I walked to work in the almost-frost, only to remind myself that I was actually experiencing Perth’s version of the dead of winter.  Still loving it.


Eden turned three a few weeks ago, so that was cool.  She’s quite the little cutie.  We brought her to check out a pre-kindergarten today and the class was just starting song time.  She just walked over and joined right in while Kathryn and I filled out some contact info.  When we were finished I went over to try and coax her away from the group and she completely ignored me – no acknowledgement whatsoever.  After observing my futile efforts for a few moments the instructor smiled and said, “I think she’s ready for kindy.” – I think she was right!


Kate’s in that lovely phase of explosive vocabulary at the moment, trying practically any word she hears you say.  It’s amazing how much she’s changed during my last swing away… in the car today she was repeating everything I said, practising all kinds of different syllables and loving it.  Eden tries them too, and is quite proud of the fact that she’s even better at speaking than Katie… sometimes I remind her that she’s twice Kate’s age, but other times I allow her a moment of pride.


I’ve got two 10-day swings left, then a month in Perth to deliver my model, then one more swing to round off the field season.   Not sure what I’ll be doing after that, or next year – might get some time on another project – but I don’t really care right now, just have the one goal in mind of vanquishing this beast.  Geologists out there: careful lest ye be wooed by the colourful lines you see on your colleagues’ Vulcan screens.  Stick to the field where you belong, unless you’re one of those ridiculous geologists that doesn’t like the field, in which case turn back and find another career, you nincompoop!


Kathryn has been a mom lately, so life is more or the less the same each day – she can’t wait to take a few days off together at some point, hopefully in October, maybe camping.  Luckily she has the ability to remain stunningly beautiful throughout any circumstance, because I’m sure if I was in her shoes I’d have people telling me every day that I look ill and exhausted (that’s actually happened a few times lately when I’ve been feeling perfectly fine – haha!).  Maybe I’m biased, but pretty sure the entire female contingent of my family is ridiculously beautiful.

Enjoy the pictures and keep in touch.  As much as we love it here, sometimes we do feel so far away.  All you other blogger friends out there, keep up the good work (I’m looking at you, Lindsay Muller!).  If you have a blog we may not know about, please tell us.  A la prochaine!

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2 thoughts on “Just another run o’ the mill update – August 2013

  1. Enjoyed this update very much, even if you considered it “run of the mill” 🙂 Makes me want to come back for another visit! We always love to see new pictures of everyone, especially Kate and Eden… it doesn’t seem that long ago that Eden was the little girl moving out of the crib! Love & miss you lots……can’t wait to see you all in March!!! XOXO

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