A Mid-Winter Canada Day

Well, happy Canada day.  It’s the middle of winter here, but it was sunny with a high of 20-something, so it wasn’t completely unlike July back home (other than the cool night/morning in the single digits).  Last year we celebrated with hand-made shirts and a fancy cake, but this year we actually didn’t do a single thing to mark the holiday.  In fact, we didn’t even remember to wish each other a Happy Canada Day until about 6 pm… whoops!  We spent the day mostly running errands, and then Kathryn and a friend prepared a fancy schmancy cake for a friends birthday dinner tonight.

I’d say at this point in the year we’re at the peak of the daily grind mentality.  I’ve got four swings remaining, according to the current roster, which means just forty more days away.  It’s been a bit of a slog this year… for Kathryn to spend ten days at a stretch with a one-year-old and a two-year-old is very challenging, repetitive, tedious.  She’s done as well as anyone could, and better than most probably, but no mom is truly super-mom, and even a helpful dad on break can only do so much.  Eden is also much more articulate this season than she was a year ago, so she is able to quite elegantly express exactly how much she doesn’t want me to go away each swing… sigh.  But hey, I studied geology, and Kathryn married a geologist, so what could we expect?  All I can say is that it’s awfully good that we’re completely devoted to one another and that we’ve got a church (and God) to carry us through the hard times.  Also, Eden doesn’t want me to go to work ever, even when I’m just going to the Perth office, so I’ve got to take her please with a grain of salt; after all, someone’s gotta pay the bills.

The girls are incredible lately.  I was telling some stories at work recently about vomits and poos and that sort of thing, when a colleague remarked that I wasn’t selling parenthood very well (he’s not a parent yet, and not strongly inclined to begin in the first place).  I replied that he may be right, but those are the kinds of things that lend themselves better to story telling.  I then drifted off into this train of thought, imagining myself sitting around with the boys after work, having beers and saying, “Guys, I got home from work the other day and both my daughters just squealed with delight at the sight of me, ran from the opposite end of the house and hugged me so tightly they were trembling.  Man, it just filled my heart with such a deep warmth and satisfaction with life, it was beautiful.”  I assure you most of them would not be impressed, and some would be shifting uncomfortably and avoiding eye contact, but these are the kinds of moments that leave you certain that anything is worth enduring if it includes these.

Speaking of enduring, last year I expressed an interest in doing a geological model for the deposit I’m working at.  Sure enough, I ended up being granted my wish, and all I can say is…. kill me now.  I honestly didn’t even know that being a geologist could be so mind-numbingly boring until I experienced this.  At first it’s cool, because you’re learning new techniques and best practices, and playing with software that models data in 3D in all kinds of colours.  But the model I’m working on is so massive that I’ve already learned all there is to learn by the time I’m 10% of the way through any particular aspect of it.  I know that when I look back I’ll see that I’m better off for having learned and experienced it, but it’s too bad I’ll have rigor mortis in my legs by then (if they haven’t already been amputated due to irreparable pressure sores/gangrene) and my eyesight will have degraded to the point that I can no longer enjoy sunrises like I recently posted about.  I’m supposed to be all done by the end up September, so that’s only three months…. I can survive that, right?  It’s the third trimester, and then I’ll give birth to the blockiest, most colourful, most economically valuable baby I’ve ever conceived.  And then I’ll get metaphorically snipped.

So if we’re not blogging as much as you’d like, it could be because I can’t stand to look at a computer any longer without being paid (if you’d like to pay me to blog, we can work something out).  Also, we get most of our computery stuff done on mobile devices lately, so we often don’t use the laptop for many days, which results in less opportunity/inclination to spontaneously blog.  And why does spell checker not recognize the word blog yet?!  Seriously people, get onto this!  I don’t write a glob. In other news, when I get a moment to entertain myself here and there, here are a few of the things I go to:

http://www.reservoirdad.com/ – A stay at home daddy blogger, he can be a bit crude or irreverent I suppose, but he’s a great writer and I can relate to him in some ways, despite the fact that I’m nearly the antithesis of a SAHD.  He inspires me.

My new guitar (link is to reviews of the same model) – this is truly a dream guitar for me.  Sounds amazing, smells amazing.  I feel bad about spending so much on it, but music is such a big part of my life, and the guitar is truly top notch.  Now I need to start performing more to justify it.  I’ve been writing some more songs, but I can’t find the time/place to record.  Maybe when the field season is over.

http://www.cbc.ca/mobile/iphone/ – The CBC radio app – so great.  Washing dishes, ironing clothes, working on my model, reading this blog post – ANYTHING can become enjoyable when you’re listening to podcasts of DNTO, Quirks and Quarks, Vinyl Cafe, etc. at the same time!

Also, researching flights to Canada.  We’re planning to visit around march of next year, just after Kate turns two hopefully… can’t wait to get something booked so we can look forward to it (and get the payment behind us).  We’re really excited to play in the snow with the girls and to have you all see Kate for the first time face-to-face.  Still a long way off though, so calm down.

Once again, Happy Canada Day, and thanks for reading 🙂  Please leave a comment, say hi!