Catching Up

It’s been a long time since we’ve been this slack with updating our blog, so apologies to any dedicated readers out there (mom). It all started with a nasty case of food poisoning I (Tim) had back in early May or so, which had me in the sickest state I’ve probably ever been in, for nearly two weeks. During that time I lost all motivation to do anything (I was in a lot of pain and lost a bunch of weight due to poor appetite), and it’s taken a few weeks to get firing again on all cylinders. Basic functionality came back quickly enough, but creativity was slow to follow.

So what have we been up to? Well, mostly in the swing of FIFO life again. I’m on my way to the airport as I write, just about to turn 5am. My roster this year consists of 10 days away, followed by 3 or 4 days off, followed by 4 days in the Perth office, followed by 3 or 4 days off, then away again. I don’t like it, to be perfectly honest; the 10 days drag on for just too long and the break is weird with that chunk of office time in the middle. Anyway, we survive.

Things have been a bit of a struggle with the church lately too. Basically since Don and Mark were appointed as elders we’ve been beset by an onslaught of sickness and people leaving. The other worship leader, who has been taking care of the administrative side of things, must return to the UK along with her dearly loved family. leaving me with more responsibility and one less adult male/father whom I really look up to…sigh. My heart is broken, really.

The girls are providing us with a good measure of both joy and grief, as always. Eden can be so disobedient and defiant sometimes, especially being rough with Kate. Other times she amazes me with her empathy and compassion.

Last night I was putting her to bed and Kathryn had already laid Katie down in her crib. As we went through the story/song/prayer routine together, Eden noted that Katie was sad, since she was crying while trying to settle (she was taking a bit more time than usual).

Eden said, “Katie’s sad, I think she wants to cuddle Humphrey [Eden’s own favourite stuffed animal]”. “Actually,” I replied, “Katie doesn’t usually like to cuddle with toys – she probably just needs someone to rub her belly and tell her it’s okay.” After a couple more minutes, having finished our routine, I asked Eden if she wanted to cuddle for a bit, which she always does. To my surprise, she replied, “No… I think you should go rub Katie’s belly and tell her it’s okay – you’re good at that.” And so I did, wishing sweet dreams to Eden and giving her a kiss. Oh, my heart.

Anyway, times are crazy. I’m pretty stressed. I’m trying to do a million things and don’t want to give any of them up, but I don’t think it’s sustainable. We’ll see how the cookie (me) crumbles anyway, in the long run. Still loving Australia anyway, it’s mid-winter and the days are absolutely beautiful! Come visit us, please.

That’s all for now, a la prochaine!


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. aaaahhhh Tim…….the busyness and crazyness of balancing babies, work and life!!! Please know that someone on this side of the globe is praying right now that God will give you strength to do what needs to be done, wisdom to know what’s priority and guidance in every decision. Much of the flip-flopping behavior that you mentioned seeing in Eden is because that’s where she is developmentally…….this too shall pass!! Much love to you and yours!

  2. Oh my….I am so behind on your postings (time on-line has been very limited lately)…I have not been such a “dedicated reader” 😦 We will definitely keep these things in prayer, as this is quite a challenging time in your church, plus with the crazy world of FIFO….reminds me a bit of the challenges of working nights with 3 small children….not quite the same but it had its challenging times too…and here we are today, with 3 wonderful adult children and their families. Perhaps by this time, much of the turmoil has passed and things have settled. Keep faith! God’s love and faithfulness will help all of you through this, and He will provide, just as He did when He sent your family to be part of your church family in Perth….just at a point in time when you all were needed! Luv you all!! Mom & Dad xoxo

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