My new wedding band


Since I haven’t got Facebook anymore I decided to throw a picture of my new wedding band on here. Just got it done a few days ago – pretty cool, eh?

I’m not allowed to wear jewelry on site, and I lost my ring back in 2011 anyway, so this was an ideal solution!

I designed it based on our initials of course. Hope you like it as much as I do 🙂


4 thoughts on “My new wedding band

  1. That’s a great idea. You could start a trend for people who can’t wear wedding rings due to things like fluid retention or work restrictions. I think its awesome!

  2. Did I ever tell you that Amy and I were seriously considering doing that?? I think maybe I said something since I know we were chatting about rings and you told me you lost yours. Do you think I gave you the idea?

    • I’m not sure if I knew you two were seriously considering it. I’ve had the idea for quite a while as well, since my first job at IOC where I was unable to wear my ring. Having lost the gold one just gave me that extra reason to go ahead with it, I guess! I can’t say for sure that I remember talking with you about it before, but it could have been one of the factors that led me to it.

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