Kate is One!

My sweet baby is One already. What a lovely day we had to celebrate her birthday. We went to church in the morning and had the opportunity to dedicate her in front of our “family”. It was so nice to have Doreen here to support us and to see what a lovely church family we do have. I can’t imagine moving to a new place and not having that support!

The girls both had a sleep after church and then it was party time!

We had a small party in a nearby park and it was so nice. It was warm with a breeze so not too hot. The older kids played in the park while the adults chatted (and chased after little girls). Kate received some beautiful gifts, more gifts in fact than people there! Clothes, toys, puzzles, and big sister has claimed most as her own…we’re working on sharing. Even though Kate wont really remember, I really felt the love and support from loved ones around the world. I wish that all of our family members could have been there to celebrate with us but because you couldn’t here are some photos of the day. I asked my friend Zandria to take photos for us as she’s a Fantastic amateur photographer as you will see! There are some taken by Zandria (Z) and some by Doreen (D)!

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6 thoughts on “Kate is One!

  1. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. Looks and sounds like a wonderful day spent with family and friends. Love you all. Grammie.

  2. Happy Birthday Kate! Sending love to all of you from wintery Labrador where we won’t be having parties in the park for a long time yet. Kate and Eden are adorable looking girlies!

    Love and prayers,
    Dave and Bonnie

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