What’s New

It seemed to me that we’re overdue for a general update, so here’s a summary of what’s been happening in our lives:

– Most excitingly, my mom (Tim’s mom, Doreen) arrived today from Canada – the first time any of our parents have seen Kate face-to-face!  She’s staying for almost 4 weeks, and Eden has been keeping her very busy already.  In fact, I believe she’s in her room reading bedtime stories to Eden as I write this; however, Eden keeps saying things like “Wake up Nana!” and “Read!”, so I have a feeling she’s running out of steam…

– Last week I went to the Newfrontiers Pacific Rim leaders conference outside of Sydney (Central Coast, Ettalong Beach).  It was a really worthwhile trip.  I got to meet fellow Christians from Japan, the Philippines, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia, and maybe another one or two I can’t remember.  There was even another geologist!  Terry Virgo, the founder of the Newfrontiers movement, was the main speaker.  It was cool to meet him, because he’s just so…normal.  On the first morning I showed up to breakfast on time (8am) and it was just me, Terry, and his wife Wendy there, so we all sat together and had a little chat while the others filed in.  There were a bunch of sessions over the 3 days, and I took home a few interesting points:

  • From Exodus 17 – While Moses prayed (had his arms raised), the Israelites were defeating the Amalekites, but when he stopped they began losing.  Surely God could have just made them win, but for some reason he chooses to respond to prayer, even when matters are life-or-death.  We may not understand how or why, but prayer does make a difference and has to be done!
  • Dreaming about the future is fine, and can be useful for motivating oneself, but if it never converts to action then it’s pointless.  When it comes to church life/leadership/activities, sometimes you just need to pick a start pointing and do something tangible, lest your whole life passes you by and nothing gets accomplished.
  • Being around Jesus makes you think you can do crazy things!  When the disciples were on the boat and they saw Jesus walk out to them, Peter called out and said, “If it’s you, tell me to walk out towards you”, and you know the rest of the story.  It’s just funny how he would’ve even thought to do that, but that’s the effect of spending time with a miracle-worker.
  • Church is a family, not a corporation – we need to think of ourselves as brothers and sisters, not just fellow members, and act accordingly.

Anyway, I’m sure these points don’t sound as profound to you as they did to me, having been through the entire sessions they summarise, but perhaps you’ll get a little idea in your head or a small bit of encouragement from them.

– In other news, I’m reading a book by A. W. Tozer at the moment, and that guy does not beat around the bush.  He’s intense, quite scathing really of the church and its lukewarmness/conformity.  I may have more to say once I’ve finished.

– My absence from Facebook has been going fine.  I have definitely been enjoying the extra bits of time here and there, now that I’m not reverting to reading my news feed.  Sometimes I read a book, sometimes I pray or reflect on various thoughts or events from the day, sometimes I just hold my head up and look out at the world and the people around me; it’s beautiful, this world and this country.

– Other news:

  • Kate’s turning 1 year old in a couple of weeks
  • I’m returning to a Fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) roster on the 20th of March, on a 10 days away 11 days home (4 of which will be in the Perth office) roster
  • I’ve decided to start learning a programming language, probably starting with C# or Python at codeacademy.com

So, that’s life for now.  How are you doing?  It’s funny, being off Facebook I don’t really get those glimpses into your lives any more, so please keep in touch and leave comments 😀

A la prochaine!

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3 thoughts on “What’s New

  1. Loving it here in Australia with your family, Tim 🙂 Just wanted to note that your comments were very timely with regard to things happening in my life right now, as well as with friends and family. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I ditched Facebook a couple of years ago for similar reasons and didn’t miss it. As you know, I have it back now but have had success in keeping my usage pretty strict (labelling me a ‘Facebook snob’ but I’m ok with it haha)

    I’ve been wanting to learn some basics about a programming language or two – I’m going to check out that site. Thanks for sharing the info!

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