November and then some

It’s already mid-December and it’s been ages since we wrote…sorry for being so inconsistent, but there’s been so much to do and see and take care of over the last few weeks.  So here’s a summary of some highlights:

In November we had some beautiful family photos taken by Tiny Feet Photography – most of you probably saw them on Facebook, but we have the digital copies now if you’d like some sent to you.  Dropbox is a great way to share files and it’s really simple, we’d be happy to put a folder with some pictures on there to share with family and friends!

We went to the CBD to meet Tim after work and take in the lighting of the Christmas lights. To be honest it was less than impressive but the girls had fun:

In other news, we watched a few compelling videos on YouTube recently and have begun changing our diet to one that emphasises veggies more and meat/dairy less.  There are a lot of interesting facts that seem to support the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet, so we thought we’d give it a go, more or less.  However, we’re not going so far as to say we’re vegetarian/vegan, because it can be a hindrance to hosts and such when you’re invited out!  I think the arguments in reasonable videos like Food that Kills (about an hour long, but highly worth watching/considering) and this one (a little longer, also very interesting) would suggest that a bit of meat here and there isn’t a problem; it’s the chronic over-consumption of meat and animal products that our bodies just aren’t coping well with.  Anyway, there are so many super-delicious vegetarian and vegan options, so it’s not hard to give it a go!

My Aunt and Uncle arrived near the end of November and stayed with us for a week. It was a whirlwind time because we wanted to show them some of what WA had to offer in a really short amount of time. We spent a day at Kings Park and they attended church with us and helped throw a going away party for a friend. We took a trip up to the Pinnacles and to Jurien Bay. We even swam with sea lions, which was amaaaazing!! Clive and Jane took an overnight trip to Margaret River as well (we hope to get there some day).  When they were here, they were a fantastic help around the house (way harder-working than us, haha!).  They even gave us the opportunity to go out on a lovely date one night, and we returned to find A LOT of freshly baked cookies cooling on the counters (approximately 10 dozen!). They left us with a new vegetable/herb garden as well, since our old plants didn’t survive last summer. It was such a blessing to have them here with us, even though it was a short trip. Now they’re off to New Zealand for Christmas!

Here’s video Tim took of the sea lions swimming around him:

Finally, we’ve been trying to get into the Christmas spirit despite the Australian summer arriving (slow to warm up this year…it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas for many Aussies because it’s not hot enough yet). We actually have some decorations up this year – unlike last year – and some pressies (presents) bought and made.  Listening to Christmas music most evenings also helps!

We are really looking forward to Christmas this year as it’s the first year Eden has a bit of a clue that something is going on.  She still doesn’t really “get” most of it, but she enjoys opening presents and it’ll be nice to have 11 days off together.  We haven’t got any plans, other than going to the beach a lot and taking it easy… oh yeah.

That’s probably enough writing, so let’s finish with a an album of our recent adventures.  If we’re not blogging again anytime soon, Merry Christmas!!!  We hope you enjoy it, whatever climate you’re in and whoever you’re with.  Let’s be grateful for our loved ones and the many blessings we have (and, if you’re inclined to believe it, for Jesus’ birth and all the significance that holds for us).

A la prochaine.

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3 thoughts on “November and then some

  1. Hi tim and katherine thanks for update. Read this at 4am after waking up with a rare nightmare. Have a great christmas. Tim bicknell

  2. Hi Tim & Kathryn, Really enjoyed your blog and these pictures, especially on a cold winter day here in Dieppe…can’t wait to check out the scenery/water for myself with our beautiful granddaughters!! Luv, Mom & Dad C xoxo

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