Eden turns 2

So our first born has turned 2 years old. To be honest I’m not “surprised” or feel like “I can’t believe she’s 2 already” at all. It honestly seems like she’s been 2 for a while. Maybe it’s because she’s tall, maybe it’s because she has a very extensive vocabulary so she seems older. Whatever it is we decided to celebrate with lots of colour and chocolate cake!

Rainbow Bunting

Eden loves rainbows so I decided to go with rainbow colours as our overall theme for the party. I searched pinterest for ideas and of course came up with a million versions of the rainbow cake. I originally planned on making one but after having Esme’s Cat Cake Eden wanted chocolate, and who can blame her? My mom’s trusty chocolate cake recipe was what I made the rainbow part out of and then Tim made some colourful vanilla cupcakes for the clouds.

Didn’t get a great pic of the cake, it was a bit of an afterthought and the kids were hovering.

It was yummy and Eden loved it! She even blew out the candles all by herself:)

We sang some songs and played Pass the Parcel (apparently a must-have game at aussie birthday parties).

Elise got to open the first layer!

Yes, I made Tim wear rainbow suspenders…they were much too small for him:)

We ate lots of yummy food, I think Eden was eating for most of the party. I tried to stay on the healthy side of things because I know kids (and adults) like to binge when they’re at parties, it might as well be on fruit and veggies!

Eden was eating before the party even began!

Made a rainbow layered fruit salad, didn’t have the best bowl for it but you get the idea. Layers were strawberries, watermelon, mango, oranges, pineapple, kiwi fruit, and cherries. Couldn’t find blueberries so that would have been the blue layer.

You can see the rainbow veggie platter in the background.

We had an absolutely beautiful winter day to celebrate.  It was a bit chilly first thing but by 10am it had warmed up just in time for the party.


Kate was the most content party guest.

Kate is ready to party!

She did spend most of the party like this.


Eden loves crafts so we made place mats. The kiddos decorated a piece of white card stock and than we laminated them! They loved the large craft table and there was lots of space for everyone. We took the legs off our table and just set it on totes, then covered with butchers paper to protect the table as well as provide more space to create!

Craft Time!

What’s a birthday without presents?

New saucepan set for her new kitchen (she actually got 2 so I think we’ll exchange one for a tea set or something else to go with the new kitchen we bought her)

A new baby bath doll!

There were some treat bags to round out the morning.

Treat bags (I had a craft element to the party so that’s where I got the inspiration for the treat bags)

And the kids even helped take down the decorations!

Fun with streamers!

Over all it was a great morning. There were of course meltdowns and tumbles but I think everyone had fun and so did we!

Happy second birthday my sweet girl!

Post party and ready for a nap

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4 thoughts on “Eden turns 2

  1. What great and colorful pictures…looks like everyone had lots of fun. Thanks for sharing….it almost makes us feel like we were there for the party:) Happy Birthday to our beautiful granddaughter, Eden We love you lots and lots XOXOXO from Nana and Grampy.
    PS: Kathryn – great idea for a fruit salad; I am going to share that for a birthday celebration we are having very soon for a friend.

  2. Happy Birthday Eden! She really has grown so much since we last saw her. You threw a fantastic party. Love all the decorating and food to match. Sending hugs from all four of us. Miss having you so nearby, but love hearing about all your Aussie adventures.

  3. Such a beautiful party you threw for sweet Eden. I am starting to panic because Charlotte’s 4th is this week and Lila’s 2nd is next week! I could never live up to your standards of party planning…. but hopefully the kiddos will have fun playing together! What did you put in your pass the parcel game? We will definitely be playing that one, it is a Naugler family favorite, we even play it at Christmas time!

  4. Hey Pamela, the most important thing is that the kids have fun…I was thinking and planning for a long time…but that’s what I like to do:) I found a little paint set for $3 at the dollar store and that’s what I put in pass the parcel. I also put a little chocolate between each layer (that’s what they do here so everyone gets something…). I didn’t want it to be too costly or anything and I wanted it to follow the craft/colour theme:) Can’t wait to hear about the girls party’s!

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