If a picture says a thousand words…

…then how many words does a video count for?  I’m hoping a lot, since we’ve written several thousand less words than usual over the last 2 months.  To be honest, we haven’t got a super-good excuse, other than the fact that I’m working away from home so much and we’ve got 2 kids under two to look after, but that doesn’t stop all the others!  I think there are a few factors involved in our less-than-prolific blogging record over the last two months:

1) overly high standards for ourselves when it comes to quality (i.e. not wanting to write a post that isn’t exceptionally thought-provoking, or at least well-illustrated)

2) being tired, as a result of the whole working away from home thing mainly

3) masterchef australia is on

That said, we did manage to capture a couple of pretty good videos of the girls on my last break.  I think both videos demonstrate pretty well what point they’re at in their development there.  (Note: the final “there” was inserted entirely for the purpose of illustrating all three varieties of their/they’re/there in a single sentence, in case any English teachers are in need of a fresh example.  Also, I think it gives it a bit of a Maritime flair).

Eden Playing in the Kitchen

The videos of Kate are kind of grandparent material (as in, they might only be interesting to the grandparents, since she’s still a pretty young lass), so there’s my potential boredom disclaimer:

Kate on her Playmat

Kate on her Playmat 2

In case you ever want to check it out, all the videos we upload to our blog can also be found on my youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/timthegeologist/videos.  Pretty sure you can even subscribe, if you’re into that.

Hope you enjoyed a small taste of our lives, and keep an eye out for Kathryn’s upcoming post on life while I’m away.  She’s had it in draft form for weeks and I keep pestering her to publish, the stars just haven’t quite aligned yet or something.

A la prochaine!

4 thoughts on “If a picture says a thousand words…

  1. Oh my heart. APRICOTS IN THERE!!! Couldn’t even handle it. I’m sure I’ll be watching that video another 100 times at least. I definitely started crying, such an emotional wreck when it comes to seeing these two girls. And I love Kate’s little squeaks!! It sounded like she said Hi at one point. Love you all… keep ’em coming!

  2. Also feel free to post any videos that I left on your computer. I think there’s a pretty good one of Eden counting when we did the Easter egg hunt!

  3. I smile every time I see these beautiful girls…..wish we were closer but since we aren’t, we are so enjoying the videos, photos and especially our Skype visits 🙂 Hugs and kisses to Eden and Kate from Nana and Grampy XOXOXOXO

  4. Very cute videos! The dresses are adorable! Makes me think of how much fun the girls would have together… hopefully someday! Did you guys ever watch the Top Chef shows here? Tim and I love them… I will have to check out Masterchef sometime… surely I can access it online somewhere. Miss you so much.

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