If a picture says a thousand words…

…then how many words does a video count for?  I’m hoping a lot, since we’ve written several thousand less words than usual over the last 2 months.  To be honest, we haven’t got a super-good excuse, other than the fact that I’m working away from home so much and we’ve got 2 kids under two to look after, but that doesn’t stop all the others!  I think there are a few factors involved in our less-than-prolific blogging record over the last two months:

1) overly high standards for ourselves when it comes to quality (i.e. not wanting to write a post that isn’t exceptionally thought-provoking, or at least well-illustrated)

2) being tired, as a result of the whole working away from home thing mainly

3) masterchef australia is on

That said, we did manage to capture a couple of pretty good videos of the girls on my last break.  I think both videos demonstrate pretty well what point they’re at in their development there.  (Note: the final “there” was inserted entirely for the purpose of illustrating all three varieties of their/they’re/there in a single sentence, in case any English teachers are in need of a fresh example.  Also, I think it gives it a bit of a Maritime flair).

Eden Playing in the Kitchen

The videos of Kate are kind of grandparent material (as in, they might only be interesting to the grandparents, since she’s still a pretty young lass), so there’s my potential boredom disclaimer:

Kate on her Playmat

Kate on her Playmat 2

In case you ever want to check it out, all the videos we upload to our blog can also be found on my youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/timthegeologist/videos.  Pretty sure you can even subscribe, if you’re into that.

Hope you enjoyed a small taste of our lives, and keep an eye out for Kathryn’s upcoming post on life while I’m away.  She’s had it in draft form for weeks and I keep pestering her to publish, the stars just haven’t quite aligned yet or something.

A la prochaine!