A very quick update

I’m amazed to see that we still have people checking out the blog daily in spite of the fact that we haven’t posted in nearly a month!  We’ve been trying to make the most of our last weeks with Heather here, so during the times I’m not up on site we’ve been going to the zoo, or to Rottnest Island, or just out and about enjoying all that this area has to offer!  Unfortunately, it’s left little time for blogging.

I just wanted to let those of you who are so faithfully checking the blog that we will be posting some new content soon, including a bunch of Heather’s beautiful photos of our adventures.  It’ll be sad once she leaves, for so many reasons, but the quality of our photos will certainly be diminishing.  We don’t even own a functional camera at the moment, aside from our mobile phones, so that may have to be a near-future purchase…

In terms of life right now, I’m back on the 8 away 6 home roster, Kathryn’s keeping busy with Eden and Kate – who are both doing pretty well, I’d say – and Heather is leaving in less than a week… crazy.  It’s been so nice having her here, but she’s obviously very excited to be reunited with her husband and cats!

A bientôt!