Family Photos

We had some beautiful family photos taken a few weeks ago by TinyFeet Photography so we thought we would share a few for your viewing pleasure. Let us know if you would like us to email a digital copy to you for printing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Auntie Heather has been taking lots of photos too so we’ll probably share some of those with you at some point.

3 thoughts on “Family Photos

  1. Aw, your photos are fantastic. Eden has grown so much, and it looks like she’s enjoying sunny Australia. It’s great to see photos of you three. We miss you. It sounds wonderful having Heather around and now having Tim home. Praying all goes well in the next few weeks. We’ll be eager to hear about Baby’s arrival. Hugs from the Greens.

  2. Beautiful photos of all of you! I was just looking at some photos and video of your visit with us in October, right before you left – I can’t believe the difference in Eden even in that short period of time! Hugs and kisses to all of you, but especially for Eden 🙂 xoxoxoxo

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