Menu Plan Monday: February 13 – 20

Another week another menu. I think I’m getting back into my menu planning groove! It’s been wonderful having Tim back although he’s leaving again Wednesday morning (4am) so I have to be prepared. The good thing, or really the GREAT thing about this week is that my little sister Heather, is arriving Tuesday. Woohoo! She’s probably getting ready to leave Canada as I write this.  We’re so excited that she’s coming to help out for a few months with Eden and around the house as the new baby is going to be here soon. It will be great having family here, it’s just too bad her husband Ryan couldn’t join her.  So, I’m not dreading Tim’s departure as much this time, though I’m sure I’ll still miss him terribly. He’s had a great few days with Eden and it’s been nice to have that extra pair of hands around the house.

Our shipped goods are supposed to arrive Tuesday (here’s hoping), along with Heather, so it’s likely going to be a busy day but I’m so looking forward to their arrival. I just hope they’re not delayed again…

Anyway, here’s my meal plan for the week.  I’m not really sure what Heather’s into eating so I chose some pretty basic meals and I figured we can make the meal plan together next week! I always leave some room to be flexible as well as have essential pantry items handy for quick and easy meals if we just don’t feel like what’s planned.  If we end up eating a particularly unbalanced meal one day I try to make a loaded smoothie to go with it (lots of spinach, fruit and yogurt) for a little nutrition, Eden loves them so it’s great!

M: Turkey Chili topped Turkey Chili Burgers with potato salad

T: Leftover Turkey Chili on Brown Rice

W: Slow-cooker Beef Stew

T: Leftovers

F: Leftover Stewed Lentils (frozen from last week – they were a big hit) served with garlic bread

S: Leftovers, or Egg based dish, or eat out:)

S: Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken and Fried Rice (I found this one on Pinterest and it looks simple and delish)

M: Leftovers/grocery shopping day

I also want to make some banana bread this week and freeze some pizza dough to have on hand. I’m hoping to get all this done with Heather here although I have to remember to let her recover from Jet Lag! Hopefully Eden wont exhaust her too much:)

Check out this blog for more menu ideas. Because I’m a number of timezones ahead I can’t link to her actual Menu Plan Monday post until the following day, but if you go to the blog you should be able to find it.




One thought on “Menu Plan Monday: February 13 – 20

  1. Hi girls!
    Kath I am going to try the chicken and fried rice tonight to send your Dad to China with some Canadian Chinese cuisine. He will likely enjoy the real thing for a week! Thanks for doing your menu planning – it gives me some new ideas to try. Hope all is well. Praying for you all to stay healthy. Love you all. Hugs and kisses to sweet Eden.

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