Menu Plan Monday: February 6 – 13 and Whole Food Kitchen Kick-off

This week is the the beginning of a food transformation in our household. I signed up to take an online course with my sister Pamela that’s all about incorporating whole foods into your diet (rather than processed foods). For more information on the course check out Whole Food Kitchen. It’s been just over a 2 years now that we’ve really taken into consideration what we’ve been eating and started incorporating more “health foods” into our diet. We both grew up in pretty traditional households when it comes to food so we’ve been learning a lot and really taking it slowly. When I first started researching this kind of stuff I wanted to go to my cupboards and fridge and just purge everything that was processed in any way, but I knew that wasn’t practical. I’ll probably feel that way again as I get into this course but at least I have a bit more knowledge now and can properly cook dry beans!

Since moving to Australia we’ve been set back in our diet a lot because we were traveling for so long and because we were learning where to shop and what brands to buy all over again. It’s still a learning process but we’re getting there. We have also been without all of our kitchen stuff (mixing bowls, loaf pans…pretty much everything you can imagine) for months now. It’s suppose to arrive Tuesday (delayed again…if we get it before the baby arrives it will be a miracle).  I would really like to have the tools to work with to get back to eating well.

Another setback has been the pregnancy. Really it should be the greatest motivator to eat well but especially lately I’ve been so tired that it’s hard to think about food let alone preparing and cooking food in the heat. Last week went really well in terms of sticking to my meal plan and eating well. I really only had to cook a few meals because we had lots of leftovers with Tim gone. We were invited over for a couple of meals at friends houses so that was a wonderful break for me as well. Eden loved the homemade pizza – she ate everything on it including the zucchini and red pepper! She also loved the Pesto Fish with veggies and rice, she couldn’t get enough of it!

I actually only made the fish Monday night so that’s what we ate Tuesday as well. This week is a bit more complicated because Tim’s coming home tonight (woohoo!) and I’m sure the schedule that Eden and I have created over the past 10 days will be thrown out the window. I’m going to try my best though and also try and incorporate some of the information from the Whole Food Kitchen course. I gotta jump right in eh?

So here’s the plan:

M: Crock-Pot Pesto Fish, Brown Rice, and Frozen Veg

T: Leftovers

W: Spaghetti with loaded veggie tomato sauce

T: Pulled Pork (left over from the freezer) with some kind of veggie side

F: Stewed Lentils with Shallots, Tomato and Bacon (WFK recipe)

S: Leftovers (if there are any, if not probably some kind of egg based dish)

S: Asian Noodle Salad (another WFK recipe)

Happy eating this week, let me know if you try any new and inspiring recipes:)

***Oh a note about my yogurt, it did turn out, actually thicker than when I made it back in Canada which was nice. I now have A LOT of yogurt, we’ve been using it in smoothies (I pretty much always put spinach in my smoothies now…Eden loves them) but there’s still a lot left. If you have any recipes that use a lot of yogurt please pass them on, I would hate for it to go moldy.

***** Tim’s coming home tonight, should be here sometime between 9 and 10pm, so looking to spending some time with him and having some help around the house:) We survived the 10 days with him away. It was rough at first but we got into a groove and the past few days have been really smooth. I hope that next time he goes away we’ll be able to find our groove faster. Thanks for all of your prayers this week!

8 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: February 6 – 13 and Whole Food Kitchen Kick-off

  1. Hey sweet Aussie daughter! Enjoy reading your blogs, just missed pictures of Eden this time! Judy uses yogurt in her muffins – not sure if she replaces the milk with yogurt, but I can find out for you. Enjoy your photo shoot. Love you. Hugs and kisses for sweet Eden.

  2. When I have extra yogurt, I just use it in place of milk in any baking recipe. I’m not sure if the ratio is ‘traditional’ but I just use 1 c. yogurt for 1 c. milk. The batter is typically a little thicker than you’d be used to seeing, and the finished product is maybe a little bit more dense, but moist and flavourful and delicious!

  3. That course looks so cool! Can you start it at any time or does it have to be Feb 6? I’m proud of you for taking the plunge back into whole foods! I plan to do that as soon as we have our own place again… although I’m really into making green smoothies right now with all kinds of green stuff. Actually I found a really informative website about leafy greens: I want to try to incorporate more raw food into our diet as well. Leafy greens are simply the best!! xoxo

  4. I always follow the link from Melinda’s blog over to see what you are doing 🙂 Good luck on your move to eat healthy. I hope your kitchen supplies arrive next week – I’d be lost without mine, for sure!

    You can use yogurt instead of sour cream in most recipes too. It’s great stirred into soups, used in dips or salad dressings, or as a replacement for the butter/oil/fat in baking. It will make the baked goods a bit more dense. If you strain it through cheesecloth for a few hours, it will be thicker and you can substitute that for cream cheese in some recipes. Have fun experimenting!

  5. Thanks for all of the ideas:) I wish that it wasn’t so hot that baking is really unappealing, I think I might bake something anyway and just suffer…I love baked goods:)

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