Our First Australia Day

Yesterday was our first time celebrating Australia Day here in Perth.  We managed to get a half decent video of the fireworks show, which happened to occur in the middle of some pretty impressive lightning.  It was just far enough away not to get too nervous about the lightning!

We went swimming at a friend’s pool in the morning, and then to the beach in the afternoon/evening, which helped keep us cool in the 40 degree heat.  Our friends Edith and Nic bought Eden a cute little Australia shirt:

Eden seriously examining a stick she found

Eden and I (Tim) both couldn’t get enough of the water.  I wanted to swim around a bit, but Eden wanted to hold my hands and jump over and over and over… since it kept her entertained for a while, I let her have her way.

Jumping and splashing in the warm (and murky) waters of Matilda Bay

Lastly, I just wanted to share another photo of a sign I find funny.  Back home, you would only use the term ‘Beware’ when you were referring to serious danger, or perhaps in jest.  Here, it seems like the word beware indicates a mild level of caution ought to be exercised, as evidenced by this – seemingly very stern, to a Canadian – sign in the trains, and on buses.  The Gap is generally a space about 2 cm wide between the platform and the train.

Beware The Gap!

Every time I look at it I feel like I’m in danger of being sucked into an inescapable vortex of pain and suffering.  And maybe I am.

So happy Australia Day.

On Monday I head up north to begin my first FIFO swing (get used to the term FIFO, because I don’t intend to define it in every single blog post: it means Fly In/Fly Out).  Things are going to be different, and probably quite difficult for a while.  Thankfully, Kathryn’s sister Heather is coming over for a few months to help out with the new baby and Eden, so that’ll be great for Kathryn (and for Heather, I bet).

I’m not going to miss sitting in front of a computer in the office all day, but I will definitely miss Eden and Kathryn.  Today I was getting ready for work and Eden asked me to colour with her.  I told her I had to go to work, and after suppressing a trembling lip she put her hand on my leg and said, “Be back? be back?” until I assured her that I would be home for supper.  Talk about breaking my heart…

So keep us in your prayers and sign in to Skype.  Send Kathryn letters and give her a ring (a phone call, but jewelry might help too).  I will have internet up north, so chances are I’ll be blogging a bit from there, and Kathryn may be blogging from here too, to help pass the evenings.

A la prochaine.


3 thoughts on “Our First Australia Day

  1. Thanks for the update Tim. The fireworks were incredible – you don’t see that caliber of show here. Love the photo of Eden in her Australia shirt. I just about have our Christmas post ready to go – should be sometime today. Love you all.

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