…. and a happy new year

It’s New Years Eve, Eden just fell asleep, the kitchen is a mess and I feel like going to bed. Anyone want to party with us? Ha!  We had a full day though and here are some pictures for your enjoyment. Most were taken at The Aquarium of Western Australia – what a great place to spend the day!

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All of these creatures and many more can be found along WA’s beautiful coast line, crazy eh?

It wasn’t as windy as it sounds… I recorded it with my phone, so that’s probably why. The “Doctor” was blowing in though, so there was a refreshing breeze.

Happy New Year everyone, hope 2012 brings you lots of joy and fulfillment.  We’ll be sure to share many more of our experiences, adventures and thoughts throughout the coming year, so keep checking back often (but not too often…).  Maybe we’ll even do an Australian-themed giveaway one of these days (Australia Day might be a good opportunity).

one more, just because she's super cute


7 thoughts on “…. and a happy new year

  1. ‘love the photos! Eden is one of the cutest babies ever, and her pigtails are adorable! The beach and scenery look wonderful. I always enjoy reading your blog and FB posts. Happy New Year!

  2. That looked like a lot of fun…we will have to put that on our list of “places to see” when we come to visit 🙂 Eden looks so grown up with her pigtails…how can anyone resist such cuteness ?? Luv you all. Happy New Year!! 2012 is going to be so exciting for you and for all of us here too !!XOXOXO (PS: I couldn’t view the last photo…not sure why)

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