We’re Connected!

Hello again! I know it’s been a while, too long really, but we FINALLY got the internet hooked up at home and now we can bombard you with blog posts containing pictures of warm weather, beaches, and Eden. We’ve been settling in here, as much as we can, and basically carrying on life as normally as we can. Eden and I (Kathryn) spend our days playing outside, visiting new friends, walks to the park, watching tv (occasionally…) among other things 🙂 Eden loves to play in water, we bought a little plastic pool last week and have already been making good use of it.

Sometimes adults need to cool off too.

She also loves playing with “bubbles” aka dish water, and can be entertained for quite a long period of time washing her dishes and playing with bath toys in the sink. I have to stick pretty close because she doesn’t really have a clue about the size of the chair – I’ve caught her a few times as she walked off the edge.


Some days are harder than others but overall we’re doing pretty well. She, of course, loves being around other kids.  We haven’t really met anyone her age yet but hope to be part of a mother’s group/play group in our community soon, so that should help. Occasionally she’ll bring me my phone or point to the laptop and ask for Charlotte and Lila. Those are tough times, especially since we didn’t have internet for so long. I usually showed her facebook pictures of them and that seemed to help, but it makes me sad for her. She truly loves her cousins and definitely misses them in her own way.  Sometimes, to help pass the time, she breaks out in some dance moves; her favourites include spinning slowly and lying on her belly (house rule: no one-armed hand stands).

We found out this week that our shipped goods (mostly personal items but also all of our kitchen stuff – including all of my recipe books, pretty much all of Eden’s toys, and all of our Christmas stuff) wont be arriving until February (hopefully). It was supposed to be here next week, originally…. so I was a bit bummed out about that, because I feel so unsettled without all of those personal touches around the home. We currently have rental furniture (that Tim’s company provided, thankfully), but it’s not the same. I think I might have to get some photos printed and hung up so that we have some things to look at, and pick up some simple Christmas decorations to make the house more festive. There’s been a delay with Tim getting paid as well; his first pay was delayed (we got it just this week), so that was a bit of a hurdle. I think things should be all straightened out now, so we plan to go bed shopping asap (since our mattress is terribly sinky, to the point that often wake up with sore backs). It could be much worse though, so I’m not really complaining, just filling you in on what’s been happening!

Eden is apparently very warm blooded (like Tim) and gets sweaty very quickly, especially if she falls asleep in the pram (stroller) or car seat. We have to give her a bath almost every day just to cool her down before bedtime. It’s a good thing she likes having baths! She also loves her new stroller, and I do too. The old umbrella stroller was getting very uncomfortable for me to push around because the handle is so low that I couldn’t stand up straight. It’s a pretty flashy stroller, but has a double attachment so it will be great once #2 arrives.  I’ll be able to take them both out for walks…although I don’t know how much I’ll be venturing out in the 40 degree weather….

Back saving stroller

I know you’re probably wondering about the whole doctor situation here. I just saw a doctor yesterday (actually, 2 doctors). The first one was horribly mean and made me feel like a terrible, neglectful mother because I hadn’t seen a doctor since arriving here. After that appointment I had my first real thoughts of “what have we done, moving here? I miss my fantastic doctor in Fredericton… will I ever find one that’s nice and caring?”  The second appointment was fantastic though.  The doctor was gentle, nice and very helpful. She referred me to a OB and I got an appointment with him for next week (thankfully). We have private medical coverage so it seems likely that I’ll be giving birth in the private hospital just down the street from us. We’re planning on going for a tour of the maternity ward tomorrow. Midwives attend all the births here, which is pretty cool, and you can have home births or go to a birthing centre. I was really interested in the birthing centre idea, but because I’m so far along in my pregnancy I don’t think I have very many options.  Apparently I’m lucky to get an OB with a good reputation (not one that is well known for c-sections). Hopefully I’ll find out  details when I meet with my OB and such.

The baby seems to be doing well, as far as I can tell.  He/she is very active and has given me much more heartburn than I had with Eden. I haven’t gained as much weight this time around which has made me feel a lot better, and I definitely have more energy. I have overdone it a couple of times though with long walks, so I have to be careful, especially in the heat.

Anyway, this is getting super long. I’ll let Tim fill you in next post on what he’s been up to, at work and in his crazy mind. Hope you enjoyed the update 🙂


6 thoughts on “We’re Connected!

  1. Great post, Kathryn. Thanks! Good to hear you’re pregnancy is going well & that you guys are settling in. Unfortunate you’re still sleeping on that lousy bed though! Here’s to better sleeps ahead. Oh, and to state the obvious…Eden is ULTRA ADORABLE 😀

    I enjoyed this –> house rule: no one-armed hand stands haha!

  2. Hi Kathryn & Tim, Great to see news from “down under”. Loved the video clips of Eden – she seems to have grown up so much even since you left. Luv you all; can’t wait to “see you” soon on Skype! xoxo to Eden!

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