Our New House

Welcome everyone to the first tour of our new place! We signed the lease and got the keys today so I thought you would all enjoy a quick video of the empty house. We’ll probably be moving in this weekend so once we have our internet hooked up I’m sure there will be more videos of it as we start to make it more homely (that’s right…it’s not homey here, it’s homely).

I (Kathryn) also drove The Trophy from Leeming back to West Perth on the freeway…scary but good practice. My major problem was tending to hug the left side of the road. With a bit more practice I should be pretty good to go, especially if we end up getting a GPS, then I wont have to worry so much about getting lost when Tim isn’t there to navigate.


15 thoughts on “Our New House

  1. Your video comes up saying – ‘This video is private.’ so am unable to view it. I was looking forward to getting a sneak peek. So good talking to you yesterday and seeing Eden. Love you guys.

  2. Very nice tour, Kathryn – thanks! It is especially nice that you have such a great outdoors area to enjoy, where you can entertain friends and family 🙂 Lots of walking space for Eden too! Congrats on your new home, new car, new job, new friends…and lots more exciting new things to come (including that new grandbaby we are greatly anticipating 🙂 Luv you guys! xoxoxo to all !

  3. Yeah! It looks great. Nice and spacious for you guys and the backyard looks fantastic. I can imagine one little girl enjoying herself out there in the months to come. Congratulations!

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