Odds and Ends (or Flushing Toilets and Perth Public Transit), featuring a very cute video of Eden

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts. I know we promised you, our faithful readers, that we would flood you with posts when we got to Oz but the current apartment we’re living in only has really expensive internet ($5/hour or $20/24 hours – the latter to be used within 3 days or it expires). So we haven’t bought much internet, just enough to get by.

Our fist piece of news since our last post is that we have found a place to live! Woohoo! We haven’t signed the lease yet but our offer has been approved and we have an appointment to sign it Monday.  It’s in a suburb called Leeming if you’re interested to see geographically where we are going to be living.

We’ve realized that our hope to get away without purchasing a car and relay on public transportation was a false one. Where we’re living right now, in West Perth, we can get away with it because there are buses that run all the time and we’re within walking distance of all the necessities. On the weekends the buses run significantly less frequently which makes it less convenient, especially for getting to church. Last Sunday we had to walk about 30 minutes (about 2km) to the train station (because the buses weren’t running yet). Took the train and then a bus and then walked another km or so before we arrived at church, approx 45 minutes early. By that time Eden was ready for a nap but  didn’t fall asleep, which resulted in a really long morning for us.

A few nights ago Tim went out to get a few groceries and planned to take a cab home since it was a bit rainy and he ended up getting more than he would have preferred to carry back. He called the cab company and after waiting for 20 minutes called them again. They said that they had been there and left and didn’t see anyone waiting. So apparently they sent another cab to pick him up. By that time the supermarket was closed and he was the only person around.  After waiting 20 more minutes he decided to just walk home. At work the next day his colleagues said that situation was actually not surprising at all.

After a morning at the library she was happy to get into her stroller and have a snooze

Today, we took a bus to Osborne Park – a large box store type of area with a few malls. We decided to check out a few car dealerships on the way to the mall to see what was available (we’d looked at some of the cars in advance on Carpoint.com.au). It was getting to be close to lunch time, so Eden and I were going to find some food while Tim stayed at this one place and discussed some options about a certain car. There wasn’t a restaurant within walking distance and it was quite hot, so we decided to call a cab. There were no cabs with car seats (we called both of the major companies in the city) and they said that it would probably be at least 20 minutes anyway.  Public transportation failed us again.

So we ended up buying a car…a bit spontaneous, but becoming more and more of a necessity, especially since we’ll be moving soon and have to pick up stuff for our new place. We came home with a 2003 Elantra we named “Trophy” (you’ll see why when we post a picture of it). We really liked our Elantra back in NB and it had a good amount of room in the back, which was nice. The boot (trunk) is also spacious, so we decided to go with what we know, it was also marked down $3000 for the weekend so that helped.

We’re still planning on using buses and trains as much as we can, especially while we’re still in West Perth, but it will be really handy for those late night grocery runs. I haven’t driven it yet as I would like to practice a bit on roads with less traffic, but Tim did well today, only turned on the wipers rather than the turn signals a few times (we’re driving on the left here people; those of you who’ve moved to Canada from the UK will understand).

On to some other interesting facts about WA:

  • Burger King is called Hungry Jacks
  • Tim is addicted to Angry Birds on his mobile
  • Dark Chocolate Tim Tams are one of the most delicious store bought “biscuits” I’ve had in a long time.  Tim Tams are a hugely popular biscuit (cookie) in Australia, and there are many tasty varieties.


  • Crows/Ravens are very whiny sounding (almost like they’re saying “waaaah, waaaah” – we’ll try and record it sometime)
  • Whinging (pronounced win-jing) is what they call whining/complaining
  • All toilets (public and private) have a dual flush system – yay for water conservation! They also flush in a torrent of chaos instead of spiraling down calmly (we’ve been asked about the direction of flow a number of times so here’s the proof – Which way does the toilet flush in Australia?

To end off this rather long post, have a look at this super cute video of Eden appreciating a little leg rub from Kathryn, taken this morning during breakfast:


7 thoughts on “Odds and Ends (or Flushing Toilets and Perth Public Transit), featuring a very cute video of Eden

  1. We have Tim Tams in Fredericton but just milk chocolate and caramel flavours. I didn’t realize they were super popular in Australia. Dark chocolate and mint sound very tasty. One of my friends introduced me to the Tim Tam slam – which is a delicious treat. Have you ever tried it before? Here are some instructions by some youtube guy in case you haven’t:

    I’ve also heard of people using tea or coffee instead of hot chocolate.

  2. Hey Cross family!!!
    Sorry I just got your request to go on Skype. I tried, but it is 10 pm there, so you likely have hit the sack. Will try again later. We are off to a mini basketball tournament at CK with Anna (she made the team!). Sunny here, but cold. Love the video of Eden, keep them coming. Love you all. Hugs and kisses x a million for Eden.
    Talk to you soon!!!

  3. One of my friends sisters is in Australia doing her phd. She says the proper way to eat timtams is to bite diagonally opposite corners off and drink your tea through it 🙂

  4. Oh Eden is a cutie 🙂 I’ve tried the Tim Tam Slam before with some friends from Australia who were living in Fredericton for a semester. It’s pretty cool 🙂

  5. I have to admit that I teared up a little watching that video of Eden! She is just so sweet. You guys should put up a video of her every blog post!! Also, I’m addicted to Angry Birds too… I know how Tim feels!! Miss you guys.

  6. Loved that video and big smile of Eden’s 🙂 We are very very thankful for today’s technology – makes you seem so much closer to us all. Your comment on the crows/ravens must explain the strange noises we kept hearing while watching the Australian Open a couple of weekends ago….it was crazy, all this raucous noise in the background….so now we know! Great to hear you are settling in so well, with a new car and a new home. Have a blessed week! Hugs & kisses to Eden from Nana & Grampy XOXOXO

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