Best customer response I’ve had yet

Even though I’m super excited about moving to Perth, leaving Radian6 is going to be hard.  I intend to write a more in-depth blog post about this shortly, but in the mean time I thought I’d share this amusing email I just received from a client.  I’ve been informing most clients I’ve dealt with recently that I’m moving on soon – mainly so they know that if they respond the case will likely end up with someone else – and most have replied to me with a standard, “Thanks for letting me know, best of luck in your new adventure” kind of response, but this was the response I got today (sorry it’s so small, haven’t got heaps of time to work formatting.  Hold ctrl and roll your mouse button forward if you need to zoom).  My email to her is below, followed by her response at the top

I must admit, it’s touching to know that a customer is willing to drop all professional email etiquette in order to express their concern over the fact that you won’t be there to help them anymore.  Sometimes I think I relish positive feedback a little too much, but it is fun to receive.

On another note, our next blog post is going to be out 100th post since we started this blog!  We’ve decided to do some kind of giveaway (and it won’t be a giveaway of all the stuff we couldn’t sell at our yardsale) so keep an eye out for that post and maybe you’ll be the winner!

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3 thoughts on “Best customer response I’ve had yet

  1. Hey Tim, I love those “you made my day” kind of e-mails too; it’s tempting to forward them on to the boss (for the next review)…. but the feedback from a client that the extra effort you put into helping resolve their issues is much appreciated by them is one of the best perks at work! Hering that about your work ethics makes a mom proud 🙂 Luv you xoxo

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