Hint #3 – The Final Hint!

Hi folks,

For those of you who didn’t feel like solving hint two or hint one and finding out the distance, I’m not going to tell you what it is… but I am going to give you one last hint.

Travel hasn’t always been as easy as it is today.  I’ve heard it said that during the dark ages, the average person traveled a mere 7km from their home in the course of his or her entire life – that’s close to what I drive every day to and from work (just one way).  Can you imagine never seeing anything beyond what’s basically already within view on a clear day, for your entire life?!?  Perhaps it’s easier to imagine when the only available option was walking, and when there were numerous perils all around – starvation, wild animals, threatening weather, bandits – and substantially less medical care.

Even if you were able to save yourself a pile of effort and time by riding a horse, it could still take days to get from one town to another, and you’d have to keep your horse fed and watered.  Plus, you’d probably have to be fairly well to do (kind of like today) just to be a horse owner in the first place.

International travel would have been even more of an ordeal.  Whether traveling by zeppelin, aeroplane, boat, or whatever, during the early days of each the hazards were abundant.  I read the story recently of one man who, in the early days of flight, was determined to get home to the UK from somewhere in Oceania; in the process, he survived no less than three plane crashes – virtually every leg of the journey ended in the destruction of the plane.  I’m pretty sure I would have stayed put after surviving the first crash, somewhere in Indonesia.

So the focus of tonight’s hint is probably pretty clear by now – using the answer contained herein, plus the distance acquired from previous puzzles – see if you can figure out our destination 🙂  If you have trouble with numbers, try drawing a number line for some of them…might help!


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