Hint #1: Distance

This hint is inspired by one of our latest obsessions – The Master Theorem. Every Wednesday at midnight a new puzzle is released and we spend the week working on it together and feel great satisfaction when we solve it. The puzzle I have given you will not be as hard as those you will find on The Master Theorem site but you may find this page helpful if you’re stuck.

Distance can be measured in many ways. If the distance is small you can measure it in inches, millimeters, or picas.  If you’re measuring something medium-sized you could use a metre, foot, or yard. If you’re sailing you might use a nautical mile, league, or fathom. Or maybe you’re just thinking of the trusty kilometre (or mile for those of you still stuck in imperial).

Whatever you use to measure distance it always tells you something. How far one point is away from another is useful information, whether you’re hanging pictures, talking about going for a walk, or flying to a distant land.

The answer to the puzzle below will give you a numerical distance; however, you will not know what unit it is in. Keep this number in mind along with future hints so that you will be able to figure out our news (referred to in one of our recent posts)!  Here’s the puzzle:

When you think you’ve come up with the answer, e-mail us, send one of us a FB message, or DM @timthegeologist on Twitter and we’ll tell you if you’re right. Please do not guess or give the answer in the comments section.  I have left comments open just in case you’re completely stuck and need a clue.  Remember to hold onto this information, because it will become a part of the greater puzzle. We’ll publish the answer (the number, that is – we’ll withhold the units until further notice) at the beginning of the next hint.

Good Luck and Happy Puzzling!

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