A Poll: Blogging Preferences

I’ve been thinking lately about the direction that our blog should go in (this is Tim, by the way).  As it stands now, we tend to post every one to two weeks, and the posts consist of a pretty eclectic mix of topics and lengths.  The blog stats seem to indicate that no matter what we post we’ll get somewhere around 100 hits, but certain posts are clearly more popular than others.

The reasons behind the variance in numbers (over 250 on one new-post day versus less than 80 on others) could be related to a number of factors, including how/when we “advertise” new posts, who’s subscribed (we’ve got a few subscribers, but most hits are direct visits), the nature of the topics, etc.  So this morning I thought, “Why not take a poll to see what kind of topics our readers enjoy most?”  Maybe we’ve been putting too much time and effort into each blog and you guys would like it better if we just shared our everyday thoughts and activities on a more frequent basis.  Maybe you like it just the way it is.  Anyway, here’s your chance to give us some feedback, so feel free to answer the poll honestly and add any comments that come to mind.


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2 thoughts on “A Poll: Blogging Preferences

  1. I thought that if I voted for the last one that it might get people to really vote – they would see that this blog is not a sure thing and that they need to vote if it is to stay alive. (And I like being the black sheep)

    • Haha, thanks for the input Warren, and for satisfying my curiousity regarding who chose that option. It is true that scarcity (even the prospect of scarcity) is a powerful motivating factor for mankind – good thinking 😉

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