Canada Day 2011

This was a pretty low key Canada Day for us. We had a delicious late breakfast of pancakes, fruit and cinnamon buns (fresh out of the oven). We then decided to check out what was going on downtown. Eden wasn’t really into Scotty and the Stars.

Snoozing in the stroller

Eventually she woke up but had no idea where we were or what was going on. We just snuggled for a while.

Still waking up

We then decided to go for a little walk around down town before heading home.

Eden loved the paper flag

We finished off the day with some fresh local strawberries.  It was a mixed box of Annapolis and Evangeline, both are my dad’s varieties I believe, this farm also grows Wendy so hopefully we’ll have some of those later in the season.

Eden had strawberries for the first time

She took a big bite

The aftermath...

Tim also mowed the lawn today and we also spent some time outside this evening raking up the mounds of grass. Over all it was a great relaxing day and we’re looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend out at the cottage!



3 thoughts on “Canada Day 2011

    • She kisses a lot lately (super cute) and also says “Ball” anytime she seems something remotely spherical (actual balls, watermelons, grapes, etc.)… you’ll hear some of them on the weekend I’m sure!

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