You’re a Dad!

Happy Father’s Day Tim! Today is your first one of many. Since the day Eden was born, even before, I knew you were going to be a fantastic father.  When you proudly showed my your first swaddle, thereafter becoming the swaddling master, when I returned from cleaning up post birth I knew you were in love. You could swaddle her so tight and as a result she felt secure. I pray for this feeling of security to last into adulthood, that Eden will know she can trust you with anything that’s bothering her, especially when it comes to boy troubles:)

snug as a bug

When you got up in the middle of the night with us those first few months, just to support my back as I nursed Eden back to sleep, made me realise how much you wanted to help and play and active role even though she depended on me so much.

Proud new Dada

You’ve changed many a diaper, cleaned up more spit up that most can imagine, and given many baths to our Eden. I love how you have always wanted to do whatever you could for her and I’m sure that will continue as she grows.

she already loves music

Thank you for taking her when I need a break, or a rest after a rough night. Thank you for playing with her in endless ways so that she associated daddy time with play time. I know she loves you so so much by the way she gets excited when you come home from work, or scoots around the house looking for “da da”. I love the way she kisses you and watches you leave the room when she’s going to sleep.

Teaching her the ropes

You are an amazing father to Eden, and probably, after the teenage years are past she will realise how lucky she is to have a father like you. Thank you so much for partnering with me in this parenting journey, and I’m lucky to be married to a man like you.

Bedtime stories


3 thoughts on “You’re a Dad!

  1. Amazing post Kathryn! Tim is such a great dad AND uncle! Happy Father’s Day Uncle Tim 🙂

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