She’s 335 days old today!

That’s right, my little baby is 11 months old already. I can’t believe that in only 30 days she’s going to be 1, it seems like the time passed so quickly.  If I stop and think of all that has happened in a year though, it makes sense that it’s almost time to celebrate her birth again. She has grown so much, learned so much, and she’s really becoming a mischievous little girl. Likewise; Tim and I have grown so much, learned so much, and experienced unconditional love. A lot has happened in 11 months, so it makes sense that it’s been this long I guess.

She now scoots everywhere, it’s wonderful for her to have the freedom to discover the world on her own. Lately she’s been getting into all the cupboards so I’ve secured some with elastics (like the one with the garbage) and others I just leave so she can play with the pots and pans! She often goes to collect and bring toys or other objects to us and she has pulled herself to standing a number of times and is pretty stable on her feet! Lately she loves to put things on her head… from hats to baskets, it’s so cute! She loves music and dancing to it, and is a pretty good eater (if she feels like it). She’s definitely wary of strangers and sticks pretty close to Tim or I, but that’s okay. She’s very comfortable with Pamela, probably because she see’s her multiple times a week and loves her cousins.

It’s really interesting to see her interact with other babies that are close in age. They mostly just take toys or food from each other, but the fact that they interact is great!  Eden loves to be outside and often sits at the patio door if she wants to go out. It’s been a bit difficult because of the bugs but we have gone out a bunch despite of them, she has a few bites to prove it.  She doesn’t seem to swell all up like her daddy though, so that’s a good thing.

We went out to the cottage for the first time this weekend to get it all opened up and ready for the summer. Eden had so much to discover she spent most of her time scooting around (thankfully we got the floor cleaned and mopped before she woke up from her nap). She even sat in the shallow water and splashed. We didn’t really think that it would be warm enough to get in the water so we weren’t really prepared for it but the babies seemed to enjoy it. We forgot our camera so there are no pictures to share but I’m sure there will be many more opportunities this summer.

I’m sure she’s going to wake up soon so I’d better close off.  Here’s a picture from this morning for your enjoyment!

She put her hat on all by herself!


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