Birthday celebrations

**** I wrote this post May 21 and forgot to publish it…sorry****

The past few days we have been celebrating ME! My 27th birthday was Thursday and what a wonderful day I had, it might have been my best birthday ever (at least out of the ones I can remember…my childhood ones were probably pretty awesome but I don’t really remember them). Thursday morning Eden slept in so I got a chance to eat breakfast, drink Kenyan tea, have some quiet time, and check facebook before she woke up – what a treat! I wish I was more disciplined to get up before her every morning, it’s such a great feeling to be awake and have some “me” time before mothering duties take precedence.  Tim even cut some tulips from the garden before work so I got to enjoy those all day too!

Eden and I had a nice quiet morning playing and then Tim came home from work for lunch and brought Panago pizzas and caesar salad. What a treat! I then drove him back to work and went to visit my beautiful sister and nieces for the afternoon. We had a great time eating birthday cake, chatting and playing outside (the first “hot” day of the year).

I picked Tim up from work and then we went home and had a light supper and got ready for our date night! Tim’s company was recently sold to a larger company so they were throwing a big party to celebrate. We dropped Eden off at the Nauglers (this is only the second time Eden’s been properly babysat) and went to the party. What a fantastic night it was! Tonnes of food and drinks, live music (Matt Anderson and Joel Plaskett), lots of mingling and a bit of dancing. We had a blast and Eden was perfect. We arrived at the Nauglers to find her asleep in the stroller! Here’s a picture from the event taken by the ‘official’ photographer that we managed to get in!

Can you find us dancing to Matt Anderson?

What a great day!  Pamela threw me a party today and sadly due to the rain we couldn’t have it outside but it was still lots of fun. Here are some pictures of the event. Thanks for being such an awesome sister and friend:)

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