My Girl is 10 Months Old!

Photo by Julia Thompson

Today Eden is 10 months old. Every mom told me that the time flies and that those first few months become hard to remember but to be honest I didn’t really believe them. Those first few sleepless months seemed SO long at the time, not having a clue what I was doing and mostly just trying to survive. But it’s true, I can barely remember them (probably due to the lack of sleep) and they seem so distant now. My little girl is developing such a personality and is learning new skills almost daily. The other morning when she was practicing her new scooting skills I was filled with such love for her. It was amazing to see her move to where she wanted (no matter how slow) and to see her come to me when she wanted some milk and cuddles. I had to call Tim at work and tell him how amazing our girl is!

Photo by Julia Thompson

Eden at 10 months:

  • is scooting! She can now go where she wants and get the toys she wants all by herself (she never had any interest in crawling)
  • loves to walk holding onto someone’s fingers, this is one of her favourite things to do but it’s pretty hard on the back
  • eats all sorts of food and is starting to enjoy more textures
  • loves to read stories
  • loves to eat stories (there are paper bits missing from some of her favourites)
  • can be very loud if she wants to be
  • slept for 8 hours straight for the first time last night, no middle of the night feeding felt wonderful!
  • loves going for walks in the stroller (most of the time)
  • enjoys helping us fold her diapers (or unfold them)
  • has little ticklish spots on her sides
  • loves music
  • is beginning to dance (move) to music when it’s on
  • says “dada, or dadoo” for tim
  • can say “mama” (not really in reference to me yet), “wow”, and lots of other sounds
  • knows “milk” in sign language
  • mostly knows “more” and “all done” in sign language
  • has enough hair for a barrette, it often only stays in for about a second though
  • sleeps in her own bed most nights…sometimes ends up in bed with us
  • loves to drink water by herself
  • always has a morning and afternoon nap unless we’re out somewhere
  • loves to clap
  • often points at things
  • absolutely loves her big cousin Charlotte and little cousin Lila
  • has 3 teeth, soon 4
  • snuggles mommy when she’s tired
  • loves the phone (or any other electronic device that she’s not supposed to have)
  • gives kisses to mommy and daddy
  • will only let mommy cut her nails if she’s watching something, usually The Wiggles (pretty much the only time she watches anything)

Photo by Julia Thompson

What an amazing little girl we have! It’s hard to believe that in only 2 months she will be 1, wow! Our lives have changed so much since we found out about this little gift and now I would have it no other way. I honestly feel sad for couples who would make fantastic parents and who don’t have any children yet, they’re missing out on so much that you can’t even understand until you have a little angel of your own. We are thankful everyday for Eden, she’s truly a perfect gift from God.

Photo by Julia Thompson

Here’s one more photo for good measure!

Photo by Julia Thompson

4 thoughts on “My Girl is 10 Months Old!

  1. Eden is so very precious and beautiful! How I wish every little one could be loved and cared for like you love and care for Eden.

  2. Love the photos!! If you guys head to the other side of the world, Grammie will have to learn how to skype really well!!

  3. Oh Kathryn, reading your posts about Eden always makes me so excited to have babies…. I can just feel the love you and Tim have for her through your words. It is one of the most beautiful things. I’m so happy for you. Please keep sharing your thoughts and your life with Eden, I am just soaking it up here – and I’m sure many others are too! Yay. I can’t wait to meet her in real life 🙂

    Love you!!!

  4. Wow – Baby Eden is growing up so quickly; loved your recap and the pictures; this blog will mean so much to her in about 20 years 🙂 Luv, Nana xoxo

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