Recent Photos

Frozen Blueberries for the first time!

New Hair Cut

Eden mowing with Daddy

We think this little fella has a home under our barn



3 thoughts on “Recent Photos

  1. Ohhhhhhh, SO cute!!! Love the pics, thanks so much for sharing. I love Eden’s little… food thing! What is that? Your hair cut is cool and funky!! I like it! It is a very different look for you! 🙂

    Love the mowing… and what in the world IS that furry creature?


  2. Thanks Lindsay! The “food thing” is called a mesh feeder, great for fresh fruit and veggies that are chokable for babies, you can get them pretty much anywhere they sell baby stuff. I love my new hair, it’s so easy and summery, I was tired of the “tired mom ponytail” look:)

    Now Lindsay, I can’t believe you don’t recognize our “furry” friend, have you been up north for too long??? It’s a porcupine:)

    Thanks for all the comments!!!


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