Rainbow Cake

I got this idea from Kate’s Kitchen and knew that I had to try it. I needed and occasion to make something this labour intensive and then I remembered that Tim’s mom was hosting a baby shower for Awna and we were planning on making the trek to Moncton for it. What a perfect occasion for this special cake!

I debated whether I was going to make a cake from scratch or used cake mix and I went back and forth a few times. I was pretty much set on making it from scratch until I saw cake mix on sale at Sobeys this past week and I decided to go that route. I’m sure it would have turned out delicious either way and I guess I just eliminated a few steps in the process.

I know I probably should have cut off the tops of the different cakes to make them flat but they seemed for small to begin with and in the end it was pretty stable and looked alright.

I love that the cake just looks like a large cake when it’s iced and you don’t know the colour that the inside contains until you cut into it!

So what was my method you ask? I just mixed up the 2 cake mixes (one at a time) as per the instructions on the box. I then separated it into 3 bowls (approx. 1 and 1/3 cup) and added food colouring until it looked like a good colour. Many recipes online said to use the gel food colouring because it is more vibrant but I decided to just use the regular drops and I think it turned out alright! I then baked the cakes (yes, you have to bake 6 cakes but they don’t take too long because they’re so small) and stuck them together with icing. You really could use any icing but I made my mom’s recipe (4 times) and it seemed to work well. I iced between the layers and then over the outside and then put it in the fridge.  I then iced the outside again to cover up the little cake bits that got into the first layer and it seemed to work well.  Make sure you start this at least a day before you need it so that it’s done in time, you could also make the cakes in advance and freeze them.

I think next time I make a colourful layer cake I’m going to try flavours too and maybe not do 6 layers. It was a hit though and looked great!

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Cake

  1. I think your rainbow cake looks amazing. I’m sure it tasted as good as it looked !! I may even try to make it myself one of these days !!

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