Family Mission Statement

Over the course of the last year or two we’ve been faced with a lot of major decisions.  Sometimes, as a couple/family, you find yourself unsure of whether the steps you’ve taken are the best ones for your future, or if they even line up with what you really value.  During Kathryn’s blog-reading a while back, she came upon a post by one of her favourite bloggers, Tsh (Tim pronounces it like the noise when the seal on a shaken pop bottle is broken) at SimpleMom.

You can check the post out yourself, but basically it’s all about creating a family Mission Statement.  The idea is that you put some serious time into discussing what your long (and short) term priorities are, your core values, your personal dreams and desires, and then you pack it all into a brief statement that you can reference when making life decisions.  It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal every time you bring it out, only to be used at epic moments… think of it more like a quick check to help you determine whether or not an action you’re considering is worth pursuing in the grand scheme of things.

So, over the last 3 weeks or so we’ve worked on identifying our priorities and desires, and summarized them in the following statement:

“As a family, it is our desire to live life in such a way that we:

  • are led by faith in God
  • serve and connect with one another and our community
  • strive for simplicity in terms of possessions and lifestyle
  • seek out the adventures that life has to offer

We believe that following these guiding principles, and bringing our daily needs and decisions before God in prayer, will help us remain focused on our goals and enjoy life to the fullest.”

As you can see, the core values we agreed upon were Faith, Service, Connection, Simplicity, and Adventure.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t totally sold on the idea when Kathryn first mentioned it to me, but now that we’ve got the thing laid out it’s kind of nice to refer back to when faced with various circumstances.  It’s helped us identify some aspects of our lives that have been lacking, thus leading to dissatisfaction.

I hope you find this interesting, and feel free to take the same approach in your own households.  Just make sure to give credit to Tsh, and say her name out loud just for fun (the way Tim does, not the way Kathryn would: Tish).

5 thoughts on “Family Mission Statement

  1. Awesome… Damian and I did the same thing when we were making the decision to leave Labrador and where we were going to go from there. Now that we are in Calgary those core values and underlying principles will help us stay on track and keep focused… Ours didn’t look as pretty (I think the final product was scrawled on the back of an envelope….but essentially the same thing) I know we found it helpful and when you are making such important decisions for your future and your family it helps to have something that cuts through the emotion and fear and focuses in on what you really are aiming for…. Love you guys and can’t wait to see where the Lord leads you, you are a special couple and a precious family, He has big plans!!

  2. I love this, guys. Thanks for sharing. I want to do this too – I’m glad you said you weren’t totally sold at first, Tim, ’cause I can imagine Nuni won’t be either! But maybe I’ll get him to read this…. 🙂

  3. thanks for the inspiration, guys!
    I don’t know who you are, but I am so encouraged by reading a few posts {gotta love Google!} and look forward to talking with my hubby about our family mission statement, too.
    God bless ya!
    From another sun-loving Canadian :0)

    • Thanks Allison, great to hear from you 🙂 Always nice to know when a post has inspired someone. Hope you come up with a mission statement that brings you ongoing inspiration.


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