Valentine’s Day

I used to hate Valentine’s Day.  That was before I had a valentine.  Tim and I don’t normally do anything extravagant on this day, we normally stay home and spend some quality time with each other.  The past few years Tim has treated me by making me a delicious dinner and he usually even get’s me some flowers! Not roses though…anything but, in my opinion!  Now that we have a wee one things are a bit different but we still celebrated and I wanted to show you how!

Although Tim wasn’t working he was out most of the day with volunteering, taking the car to the garage, and grocery shopping (he had to pick up special ingredients for his dinner).

Eden was pretty fussy during the day, she’s been teething lately so it seems pretty routine these days. In the afternoon when I knew we had a bit of time before Tim was to return I decided to do a craft with Eden. Yes, she’s only 7 months old, but I wanted her to make Tim a card.  I made some homemade paint by halving this recipe, and attempted to get Eden to finger paint the front of a card.

I basically had to stick her hands in the paint and then put the cardstock under them. She wasn’t too keen at all and lasted only about a minute before she was done and needed to be cleaned up.  But oh well, at least we ended up with a cute card!

I like her expression in this one! I also made Tim a card, it was nice to get my scrapbooking stuff out again and create something, even if it was pretty simple.

When Tim returned I was banned from the kitchen so he could do some food prep. We had a minor fire in the oven…but it resulted in a delicious meal!

Here’s the pretty flowers he bought with the card I made.

He served up basmati rice, sauteed asparagus, red pepper and mushrooms, and roasted lamb!  We rarely have lamb because it’s so expensive but it’s a nice reminder of our time in NZ when we were newly weds and it’s so delicious. Lamb splatters a lot when cooking hence the fires in the oven… anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent this for next time? The meal was absolutely delicious and the perfect portion size (we’ve been talking a lot about portion size because it’s so easy to eat way more than you should just by eating large portions, a cultural thing that we’re trying to break in our family).

Tim made these cookies for dessert.  They were so chocolaty and delicious, definitely thinking of me when he picked it because he’s not super fond of chocolate.  They were very rich, so he actually baked only 12 and we froze the rest in little balls to bake later. They’re definitely not something I would want to keep in my house on a regular basis because of the health factor and the fact that I have little self control when it comes to chocolate.

We then watched our game shows…how old are we??? Ha… we wanted to see Watson (the computer) on Jeopardy and it was pretty entertaining. We missed last night because of lifegroup but I hear that it’s doing very well.

After that we played with Eden until she seemed sleepy enough to go to bed. I also signed up for a free Netflix trial so we could watch a movie. We have an excellent internet connection now, good enough to stream a video which is pretty good for wireless from the neighbours. Tim picked out a video while I put Eden to sleep, which took longer than I hoped but, oh well.

We watched (500) Days of Summer which we really enjoyed and would definitely reccomend it.

This is what Netflix says about it:

When his girlfriend, Summer (Zooey Deschanel), unceremoniously dumps him, greeting-card copywriter and hopeless romantic Tom (Golden Globe nominee Joseph Gordon-Levitt) begins sifting through the year-plus worth of days they spent together, looking for clues to what went awry. As he recalls the good and bad times he spent with the commitment-phobic girl, his heart reawakens to what it cherishes most. Marc Webb directs this uncommon love story.

And that was the end of our day! What a wonderful way to spend with the people you love the most eh? As I was writing in my card for Tim I realised how nice it was to stop and focus on all the reasons I love him. I definitely don’t do it enough.

Did you celebrate this special day with the ones you love the most? What did you do?


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. good job t & k +
    God’s bless you always – my prayer for you always
    God has given us this day to praise Him and to enjoy!!!
    lets do it with all our might!!!!
    love you all

  2. That’s funny – we just signed up for a free trial of Netflix too! We watched “Bewitched” (the newer one with Will Ferrell) on Valentines Day. I think we might end up keeping it, I think it will save us money on movie rentals in the long run and I love how many Veggie Tales movies there are for Eli to watch 🙂

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