Keeping The Flame of Romance Alive… sooner or later.

Kathryn and I went to a wedding today.  We didn’t get to sit together because I was videotaping, and she was down on the main level of the church, but we were both there and it was a good time.  The couple who got married are both Christians, which generally means that the wedding day is that much more exciting: they’ve never lived together, never… well, you know… the anticipation is always greater, so it was quite hilarious when the couple walked out at the end to the song “I’ve got a feeling (that tonight’s gonna be a good night)”.

Later in the night, Kathryn and I were talking about our day and had the following (paraphrased) conversation, which I suppose demonstrates the different priorities of men and women, and I thought was pretty hilarious:

Tim: Our honeymoon was awesome!

Kathryn: Yeah, we should have another one someday, like when Eden is…

(Both of us at the same time)

Kathryn: five

Tim: weaned

…I guess she was thinking of a week-long sorta deal, whereas I had a night or two away in mind.  Anyway, I hope somebody out there understands and/or enjoys that.  Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year, if anyone’s in the Fredericton area please drop us a line, we’d love to see you!