Bucket List

I’ve been reading a few blogs lately where the writers have updated their readers on how they did with their summer bucket list (things they want to accomplish within a certain time period and a way to focus on things that are important to them). So I’ve been thinking about what’s important to me and what I want to accomplish in this season of my life (other than reading interesting blogs…). These are personal goals, of course my number one purpose right now is to give Eden what she needs, but a girls needs some goals to work toward in the short term right?

So, in no particular order this is what I want to accomplish by January 1, 2011:

  • Read some scripture at lease once a day
  • Run at least 3 times a week (I recently joined a Learn to Run program at the Running Room)
  • Run the 5km Resolution Run on January 1 (need to somehow find the $50 registration fee though, and warm winter running clothes…)
  • Complete 6 pages (3 two page spreads) in my NZ scrapbook
  • Complete 6 pages in my Eden scrapbook
  • Move (I have to have some easy ones right?)
  • Try more meatless recipes (for health reasons as well as financial)
  • Use cloth diapers exclusively

I think that’s enough goals for now… the last 3 and probably the first will definitely be the easiest to accomplish. We’ll see about the others. The scrapbooking will probably be the toughest considering the NZ one has been in the works for over 3 years… The running is really important to me because I need some form of exercise and I enjoy running. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and I have really needed some structured way to loose it. This is the first step and I’m really excited about it, it’s a bit of a financial burden which we will hopefully figure out, but I have found something that I really enjoy when it comes to exercise so it’s pretty important that I stick with it.

Do you have a bucket list? Please comment and let me know some of your personal goals! I’ll fill you in at the end of November and let you know how I’m doing so far.

One thought on “Bucket List

  1. I love this. Personal goals are so important and I think I should write a response on my blog about goals! It’s a healthy exercise to do this! I’m so proud of you, taking up running. I wouldn’t think of it as a financial burden, but rather an investment. For your health, AND your sanity!! I hope you can share tips with me someday… and maybe… someday…. I can come with you!! xo

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