Thought-filled Thursday: My Story, Part 1

I’ve been reflecting on my life lately: where I’ve come from, what I’ve been through, and how that’s created the person I am today. I wanted to show you my life visually, with photos, but I don’t have any photos of myself from the first 19 years of my life here. I’ll have to scan some when I’m home next. Instead I will try to create an image of my life through words.

May 19, 1984 – Kathryn Mary Jamieson is born! Andrew Jamieson isn’t present to witness the birth of his second daughter, he is home with the flu and with older sister Pamela.

Throughout our childhood years Pamela, Heather and I all played together. We had innumerable barbies and fisher price people. We put on performances and recorded radio shows. Pamela was our teacher throughout the summer months and even made us pass in homework and book reports (before we even started school).

Middleschool was awkward… I was bullied by my peers mentally and verbally and struggled with a low self esteem. I thought wasn’t pretty enough for any boy to take notice. I thought I was fat.

I established some good friendships in high school. I gained confidence in myself (or at least learned to fake it). I was involved in different activities in the church and in school and I found my place. I had a bit of a falling out with a long time school friend in grade 12 but I was secure enough with who I was to survive that whole situation, even when she prevented me from going to the prom with my date. I went with some other girlfriends and had a blast!

High school was also a time when I began to understand what it was to follow Christ, and my relationship with Him grew deep. My passion for adventure began to form as well as my passion for the lost. I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with the “norm”.  Even though I applied to university it was more to satisfy my parents (and teachers) desires rather than my own. I was smart, was in the top ten of highest grades in my graduating class, surely I would go to university and become something great and impact the world in that manner. I knew I didn’t want to do that, at least not yet. I wanted more out of life.

Fall of 2002 I began 6 months as a Discipleship Training School student in Calgary, Alberta.  This was the beginning of a huge life transformation for me. I was stretched in ways I didn’t think possible and I was challenged in areas I didn’t know need challenging. I made lifelong friends and even fell in love. I saw the world and ate Thai food for 2 months straight! I learned that even when faced with a whole country founded on Buddhist principles I could affect people on an individual basis. What an amazing experience to have at such a young age!

Drama presentation in Thai Market, Thailand 2003

Thailand 2003

Sitting on an elephant's head, Thailand 2003

It was definitely a life changing experience.

After traveling the world I decided to go to Mount Allison University and study Geography and Anthropology. What an amazing time! I was ready to do something more “normal” for a while. I was studying something I love, developing more lifelong friendships, learning a lot, and enjoying life. It was a wonderful community to learn and socialize. I met Tim through IV and began my first dating relationship. I had my first kiss when I was 20, crazy, I know. I am happy that my love life was simple and without history though.

Dating 2006

In 2006 I was getting restless again.

… to be continued

3 thoughts on “Thought-filled Thursday: My Story, Part 1

  1. My first kiss was at 21 🙂 No regrets in waiting for sure. I love reading your blogs. I’m so happy for you, and to see you come so far. I can relate to a lot of your story. God is definitley good, and is always there for us.

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