Menu Plan Monday: July 12-18

Another week has come. I’m 39 weeks pregnant so it’s just a waiting game now! It’s also been super hot here in Fredericton with the humidity and I’ve has some massively swollen feet every day – so I’ve been spending a lot of time reading with my feet up. Here’s my menu for the week (unless the baby arrives and then the meals are provided by our wonderful church!!!).

Monday: Grilled Lemon Chicken with Cabbage and Corn Slaw (This is absolutely delicious if you like lemon, we didn’t have anything else with this meal and it was filling and wonderful!)

Tuesday: Spaghetti with Zucchini, Walnuts & Raisins (I bought a Real Simple mag. this week on a whim…that’s where these first two are from)

Wednesday: Homemade Pizza (see last week for crust recipe) + 2 Pizzas, Caesar Salad & Garlic Bread for the Hicks (just welcomed twin boys into their family)

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Corny Salmon Cakes & Veggie Macaroni Salad

Saturday: Have it your way Tacos (I like that there are black beans in these)

Sunday: Leftovers

So that it for this week. I’m pretty excited about this menu since last week was pretty lame. I love good food! We also bought a whole bunch of fresh fruit this shopping trip which I love to snack on!

Maybe by next week there will be 3 in the Cross family! (If that’s the case I probably wont be blogging for a while…).  Happy eating!

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