Menu Plan Monday: July 5 – 11

Another week has come! We had a wonderful trip home and ate some delicious food which of course included fresh strawberries from my Dad! We also made jam and now have 8 bottles to do us for a while, thanks mom for your expertise! The food at the wedding was delicious (I wouldn’t have wanted to foot the bill) and involved Lobster Bisque and Grilled Salmon.  We didn’t get back until lunchtime on Monday, Tim went straight to work and I had to get groceries and cook a meal for a woman in our church who just had a baby (an awesome ministry our church has). So I didn’t make a meal plan but I figured a day late wasn’t too bad. It was also 37 degrees with the humidity and my feet were super swollen so after I accomplished all that I relaxed with my feet up for the evening.

So here’s our plan for the week. It’s pretty hot and humid here so I’m going to keep things simple this week.

Monday: Homemade Pizza and Caesar Salad (doubled for the couple with the new baby). I love this recipe for the crust! I added a little ground flax to the mix too.

Tuesday: Leftover Pizza and Caesar Salad

Wednesday: BBQ Sun-dried Tomato Sausages and Garden Salad

Thursday: Zesty Crock-pot Chicken with Couscous

Friday: Spaghetti with Garlic Bread

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Leftovers or Creamed Peas on Toast (Jamieson family favourite)

This of course is subject to change depending on the weather and the fact that I am 38 weeks pregnant! I have a few ideas for upcoming blogs so stay tuned. Oh and we love to hear your comments or thoughts so please comment!

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