Menu Plan Monday

I know I missed last week…I actually made a plan but didn’t follow it very well and we ended up eating pretty badly…so I was ashamed. I am bound to stick with this week though so I’ve made up one tonight which is certainly doable, and we have a pretty easy week because we’re going home to NS on Friday!!! So I don’t have to worry about the meals for Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

Here’s one recipe I tried last week that turned out pretty good. I didn’t roll them in bread crumbs because I didn’t have any…and I didn’t have any bread to make any. So I rolled them in sesame seeds. They were still good, though I think they were supposed to crisp up a bit more.

Cheesy Potato Bites

As for this week this is the plan:

Monday: Baked Haddock, Mushroom Rice (something like this with the ingredients I have on hand), and a canned veggie.

Tuesday: Leftovers/Fend for yourself day – this is a tricky scheduling day because Tim leaves around 4:30 for the evening after having a late lunch so I have to keep it pretty simple. He doesn’t mind though.

Wednesday: BBQ with Friends (BYOM) we’ll probably have chicken or steak, whatever is on sale! With: veggie salad, couscous, roasted potatoes, and fruit salad for dessert.

Thursday: Pita Pocket Chicken Salad on the way to Moncton plus whatever is left over from Wednesday.

Friday: Home at my parents!!! Hopefully making strawberry jam that night with my mommy.

Saturday: Wedding 4 course meal!!!

Sunday: Supper with the fam!

So that it! It’s a pretty easy week but I’m looking forward to it because of the yummy food and having friends over (who are on vacation from Ontario).

Just one more thing before I sign off and go to bed. I’ve been using this menu planner to plan my meals and I love it! It’s a free download.

Hope you’ve all been enjoying some fresh strawberries this season. I can’t wait to go home and have the best ones available. You may not believe me but it’s true, ask anyone who has had strawberries at my house!

One more thing. Here’s a picture of me Tim took today. 36 weeks! I can’t really believe it!


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