Food Update

I just thought I would give a little update on our meals thus far!  The Garlic Chicken and Spinach pasta was OKAY…It smelled delicious but the flavour wasn’t there which really surprised me. The bread turned out yummy (if you like hard crust bread) and I would probably make it again because it’s pretty easy…though I don’t really think any easier than making bread normally. Still the crust was nice and crusty and the inside was really moist!

Below is a scanned copy of the recipe, it’s from the Company’s Coming Cookbook “Slow Cooker Recipes”.

Tonight we had the Pad Thai Burgers and roasted potatoes all cooked on the BBQ. They turned out delicious and are the main reason for me posting right now. The Pad Thai flavour wasn’t overly strong, which I liked because I didn’t like Pad Thai that much when I was in Thailand. But you could have more flavour if you put more sauce (in the recipe) on your burger. We topped our burgers with the suggested toppings (alfalfa sprouts and cucumbers – plus a little cheese – as well as the peanut sauce) and they were delicious! We also used the PC thins multi-grain round buns…definitely my favourite hamburger bun. This recipe is a must try if you want something a little more exciting than regular hamburgers.

As for the roasted potatoes we just diced them, sprinkled them with olive oil, salt and garlic powder (I forgot pepper but I added it after), wrapped them in aluminum foil and threw them on the BBQ. We didn’t calculate the time well though so I actually didn’t eat any until after my pilates class, but they were also delicious. I wanted to keep the spices simple because I wasn’t sure how strong of flavour the hamburgers would be and I didn’t want the flavours to clash. I would definitely use fresh garlic next time (I normally do but I was too lazy this time…).

And that’s it! We have lots of leftovers for tomorrow night. I hope the rest of the week’s meals go as well. I just love trying new recipes!


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