Spring 2010 Photos

I figured it was time we posted some photos of our lives on here. We haven’t taken very many but here are a few of the past few months.

We were babysitting Charlotte one night and she fell asleep in my arms!

Easter Saturday walk at Killarney Lake.

Yesterday, May 2, enjoying the sun at Pamela’s house. It was 27 degrees, perfect weather for watermelon!!!

That’s all for now. I guess we should try taking more photos to document out life here in Fredericton. May is going to be a busy month so hopefully that will translate into more photo opportunities!


3 thoughts on “Spring 2010 Photos

  1. Hey!
    Thanks for posting pictures. Love seeing them. You really don’t even look pregnant in the one of you and Tim. I am so enjoying being home today, puttering and baking and doing what I want. We had a great weekend – went to Peggys Cove on Saturday night for the sunset – we hadn’t been there in years. Not much has changed, but it was good to go. Just a good relaxing time away.
    Talk to you soon,
    Love you,

  2. Glad you guys had a great weekend. Dad, Tim actually noticed the pot halo when he took the picture but it was the better photo so I put it up anyway! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon (hopefully!).

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