26 years

So yesterday was my 26th birthday… to be honest in theory is seems a bit “old” because it’s the late twenties, but I honestly don’t feel any different (other than the fact that my feet are frequently swollen and I can’t see them…but I think that’s the pregnancy).  I thought I would share with you how I celebrated!

I slept in, had breakfast and tea and checked facebook/email (pretty much my usual routine).  I had a shower and got dressed for the day and then decided to do some scrapbooking. Since Tim’s been working and going to class I rarely have the car so I’m usually at home unless I walk somewhere, which is fine, I don’t really mind. If I do want to go somewhere I just arrange to drive him in to work.

Anyway, I was “stuck” at home, and it was a nice rainy day anyway so I pulled out the scrapbooking stuff. I’ve been meaning to start a project for a while now but I was waiting for the right moment/mood to hit. I’ve decided to make a scrapbook of the baby’s story including pregnancy/ultrasound photos. Pretty much like a journal (overview) of the past few months leaving lots of room for when the babe arrives. (I’m sure I’ll have lots more photos to insert then.)  Here are some photos of what I accomplished yesterday.

Tim came home from work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. He was hoping to get gerbers (which I love) but they didn’t have any left.

We went to Cannon’s Cross for supper because they give you a free meal on your birthday and then over to Pamela and Tim’s for cake.

Yup it’s green cake!!! Yum!

And that was it, we stayed and chatted a bit and then returned home. Tim gave me a wonderful birthday massage which was great because I’ve had some sore back issues lately. He used to massage me quite frequently but it’s nearly impossible to get into a comfortable massaging position with a huge belly, so we haven’t really tried. But we were a bit creative and  it worked perfectly! I didn’t even wake up with a sore back (which I do pretty much every day and then have to climb off the floor – because we sleep on a mattress on the floor…fun).

All in all it was wonderful birthday and I’m so thankful to have spent it with family!


Spring 2010 Photos

I figured it was time we posted some photos of our lives on here. We haven’t taken very many but here are a few of the past few months.

We were babysitting Charlotte one night and she fell asleep in my arms!

Easter Saturday walk at Killarney Lake.

Yesterday, May 2, enjoying the sun at Pamela’s house. It was 27 degrees, perfect weather for watermelon!!!

That’s all for now. I guess we should try taking more photos to document out life here in Fredericton. May is going to be a busy month so hopefully that will translate into more photo opportunities!