Getting set up

Hi friends and family,

I know it’s been a while… sorry about that… but I’ve finally decided to sit down and write.  Perhaps the fact that I’ve been constantly studying, reading, writing, and such has put a damper on my desire to blog.  But no more excuses!

I promised some pictures a while back, so here are a couple from our recent lives.  Kathryn’s looking beautiful with her pregnant belly, and I have yet to gain a pound of sympathy weight it seems… too bad, cause I was hoping to chunkify a little bit during the whole process.  Speaking of chunkify, I’d like to propose a linguistic philosophy that I’ve been pondering for some time; if you approve of it, let me know.  If you wish to refute my viewpoint, please do so as well.  Here she goes: if a combination of letters and/or syllables conveys the meaning that it was intended to, it ought to be treated as an acceptable word; that is, although it may not technically be accepted by some British or American language authority(ies), it still suffices perfectly as a real word.  For example: chunkify – is there anybody who doesn’t know what I mean by my desire to chunkify (or even cochunkify, if I may go so far) during my wife’s pregnancy?  Of course not!  So why does WordPress underline these words with squiggly red lines?  It’s just not right.

In other news, for those of you who don’t stalk me on facebook, I felt I should let you know that I’ve registered to write the MCAT (Medical Colleges Admissions Test) on April 10, 2010.  Yep, that’s only about 2 weeks from now.  I’ve been studying for so long now and I figured that it was about time I give it a shot.  I wrote a practice test yesterday/today and I did reasonably well, although it wasn’t a completely realistic, non-stop session, in a secluded setting – but I didn’t cheat!  For those of you that know how MCAT scores work, I got a 29 on the multiple-choice sections (10 PS, 10 VR, 9BS) and the writing section wasn’t marked.  I must say though, I wrote a pretty dreadful essay… I wouldn’t have given myself a good mark.  As a means of comparison, I would meet Dal’s Medical School requirements with an 8 in each of those sections (total of 24), so I could potentially at least get an interview there if I perform as well on test day.

Enough with words, here are pictures!  Enjoy our lives, be a part of them, call Kathryn and tell her that she’s beautiful (she doesn’t always believe me for some reason)… you can even call me and tell me I’m beautiful if you want to!

Kathryn - About halfway!

Tim - halfway to being a dad!

Do you like that background?  Seems to bring out the best in our skin tones….right?

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  If any of you are in the Fredericton area please stop by anytime.  We just hosted Kathryn’s friend Emily for a few days and it was good fun… won’t be as easy once we have a baby though, so now’s your chance!

A la prochaine,