Old news

Hello to everyone that’s still checking this blog (i.e. mom)!

As you’ve probably all found out by now, via ourselves or that wretched beast known as facebook, Kathryn and I have been thrown into a whole new adventure since that fateful day of Nov. 17, 2009: the day the test showed 2 little lines instead of one.  If I had been more considerate of our blogging audience, I may have taken a photo of the test(s) prior to chucking them in the trash.  Oops!

Anyway, having followed the trail of some temporary work with Southern Exposure Construction Inc., we’ve ended up in Fredericton, NB, where we immediately found an amazing sense of community in the Meeting Place church, not to mention the wonderful times we’ve already shared with family here.  It feels like a place we may be able to call home for a little while!

If you’re wondering how we’re going to survive, well…that makes 2 (or 3, or many) of us, in a way.  Those of you who know me well enough to hear about my crazy dreams of the future know that I developed an unexpected interest in human biology/health care when I took a course about it in 4th-year at Acadia.  So, with that in mind, I’ve applied and interviewed for a job as a personal/home support worker with a company called Bayshore.  It sounds promising, and should definitely give me a taste of what caring for people is really like.

For those of you who are surprised that I’m considering this line of work, I wonder… can you see me doing it?  When I really get dreaming about a future that I think I’d find perfectly challenging and rewarding, I almost always find myself imagining being a doctor.  It is a mostly secret (til now perhaps) dream of mine: to go to med school, become a family practitioner, maybe do a stint on the Mercy Ships, etc.  I’ve been very inspired by a blog that Kathryn and I have been following for a while now; some girl that we’ve never even met, but I think she’s related to a friend of Kathryn’s… her name is Ali, and she’s a very inspiring writer.  Check out her blog if you feel like being moved, inspired, emotional, grateful, etc.: http://alirae.net/blog/ (scroll down to older posts for a taste of what life is like on the Mercy Ship while they’re on duty, or whatever they call it.

So, we do intend to keep people up-to-date on our lives through this blog, it just won’t be about Korea anymore.  But hey, Korea, Fredericton, what’s the difference, really?  They’re both places, with people, and really it’s people that make life most interesting, not places, eh?
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to anyone that’s reading, and feel free to send along any encouragement that comes to mind 🙂


8 thoughts on “Old news

  1. Hi Tim and Kathryn,
    We were reading your blog, and are now aware of your dreams and aspirations. Les said that you would make a wonderful doctor. He also said that you portray the image of a doctor, and to follow your dreams!

  2. Hello! I have been waiting to hear more about the baby! 🙂 So my curiosity is quelled for now………… I guess. Well, I do have a question. How far along are you Kathryn?

    Tim, I can TOTALLY see you as a doctor! I remember you telling me about considering it in fourth year and I’ve kept it in the back of my mind ever since. Are you trying out this new position sort of as a means to test the waters in the medical/health care field?

    I miss you guys tons! I am hoping to take a trip to Fredericton this winter to visit a friend from work who goes to St. Thomas. I will def contact you when I come over. Message me when you come to the Valley next.

    Take care and lots of love!


  3. Hey Tim,

    I’m not your mom but am still checking your blog! I’m a little surprised to hear your interested in Med school although I do understand the want to work with people and not rocks!

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that Chris McDonald has recently applied to med school in Ontario. I think he did a bunch of research into different schools as he lacked some sciences credits. I don’t know, you might have all the credits you need but he might have something useful to say! I’m sure Kathryn has his contact info.

    I’m glad you guys are enjoying Fredericton and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I need to give Kathryn a call some time soon, do you have a phone number yet?


  4. Hi Kathryn & Tim,
    I heard your news via Lindsay when she visited Vancouver before Christmas. Wishing you all the best from the other coast.
    Emily G.

  5. Hi Tim & Kathryn,

    It’s me, “Mom”, just checking in again to see what’s new. Since you are not on the internet regularly, I didn’t really expect an update but one never knows 🙂

    Dad & I enjoyed our visit with you last weekend and love your new residence in Fredericton; it reminded us of our very first apartment, which was also an older home converted into apts. Ours was a steal at $95 per month…..those were the days!

    We will continue to pray for a clear sense of God’s direction in your lives, that the doors will open in His timing. Grammy K (my mom) would have been very proud of any role you may choose in the medical field….you would be living out her dream too 🙂

    Tim, Continue to keep out of the way of those crazy drivers !!

    Luv & prayers,
    Mom & Dad

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